EXARSIS Release New Track!

Way back in January the Greek thrashers Exarsis announced they would be releasing a brand new studio album sometime in 2015 entitled The Human Project. Although the band released the artwork and track-listing for the upcoming album, many fans – myself included – wanted more; mainly a new Exarsis track to cram into our ear-holes and wreck our necks to.

After a few weeks of sitting on edge waiting for the mighty Exarsis to release a mighty new track, the day has finally arrived! False Flag Attack is the first single off The Human Project and let me tell you, it does not disappoint! False Flag Attack is a 5-minute throwback to the 1980’s that features plenty of damn good riffing, blistering drumming and most notably: a whole new style of vocals that fit this track like a glove. “As you can see we did it the old school way.” Exarsis said in a statement posted to their official Facebook page. “No triggers, no replacements, no reamping, everything natural sounded in order to get the 80s old school feeling we wanted but at the same time with a 2015 clean sound production for you to enjoy!”

Simply put: Exarsis have done it again. This track rips!

Be sure listen to False Flag Attack in the player below and keep an eye out for The Human Project which is due later this year via MDD Records.




01 – Arrivals (feat. special guests)
02 – Medicide
03 – Abnormal Generation
04 – Police Brutality
05 – R.F.I.D.
06 – False Flag Attack
07 – Know Your Enemy (322)
08 – Skull & Bones
09 – Change of Plans
10 – The Brutal State

-Produced by Mike Karpathiou & Exarsis
-Engineered/Recorded by Mike Karpathiou at D Studio, Athens, Greece
-Edited by Chris Tsitsis (Suicidal Angels) at Epidemic H. Studio, Duisburg, Germany
-Mixed & Mastered by Jarrett Pritchard (1349 and more) at Mana Recording Studios, Florida, USA
-Artwork By Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Violator, Vektor, Toxic Holocaust, Cannabis Corpse, etc) California, USA


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