MERCILESS DEATH Release New Track Off Upcoming Album, TAKEN BEYOND

Merciless Death are back!

No, you’re not crazy or reading that wrong. Merciless Death – the band that brought us Evil In The Night and Realm of Terror – are back after a six year hiatus. Not only is the band back but it looks like they’re on the verge of releasing their highly anticipated new album, Taken Beyond any day now!

Before we get into that new track the title of this post is eluding to, lets go back.

For those that weren’t aware, sometime last year Merciless Death announced via their official Facebook page, that they were set to make a comeback. After a few months of silence the band emerged once again earlier this month, (February) releasing the artwork, title and track-listing off their much anticipated third album. For those who missed it, check out the aforementioned details below:

Title: “TAKEN BEYOND” running time 32:54 9 tracks

1 (Creation) The First Temptation
2 Manifestation
3 Witches Spell For Death
4 Baptism at the Skull
5 Oath of Revenge
6 The Evil of the Night
7 Christians of Gamorrah
8 Convictions
9 (Prepare the Soul) Taken Beyond


For some inexplicable reason the above bit of information hasn’t gotten a whole lot of attention which is weird, considering just how good Merciless Death’s first two albums were. Nevertheless we’re all caught up now, right? Right. Now for that new track!

Late last night Merciless Death released the first single off Taken Beyond, the albums fifth track, Oath of Revenge. I have to admit: I was beyond excited when I stumbled upon the track this morning. “Fuck yes!” I said to myself. Then I hit play…to be honest, I was disappointed with what I heard. After listening to the track no less than ten times I gotta say, I find Oath of Revenge to be pretty lackluster. Perhaps I set my expectations a tad bit too high or perhaps I’m being a bit too harsh, I don’t know. Listen to the track in the player below and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

For those interested in ordering a copy of Taken Beyond follow the directions below. According to the band’s Facebook page the album should be on iTunes either Monday or Tuesday so all you digital fans should keep your eyes open.

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