For the last few weeks I have been looking for a way to make Global Thrash Assault a bit more interactive. In other words I want you – the readers – to get involved with the site. After all, you all love thrash metal just as much as me and you spend your time reading my work. You should be able to get involved with the content of this site.

After wracking my brain for a few days, I think I came up with an idea that you will all like. Fan sourced interviews. What’s a fan sourced interview you ask? Well, it’s just like a regular interview, but instead of me asking the questions, you – the readers – get to ask the questions. Sound good? I hope so.

To be honest, I came up with the idea a few weeks ago. In fact, I even asked what band you’d like to interview on the Global Thrash Assault page, but didn’t really get a consistent answer. As a result, I took matters into my own hands and picked a band that I know you all love.

After shooting the band I picked an email to see if they were interested, and a few days of waiting for a response, I’m extremely excited to announce that Dr. Living Dead have agreed to a fan sourced interview with Global Thrash Assault!!

That’s right. The Doc, TeamxDeadx, the one and only Dr. Living Dead, have agreed to answer your questions!

Here’s what you need to know:

Obviously the members of Dr. Living Dead are busy people. They don’t have time to answer hundreds of questions. To think they (or anyone, really) do is ridiculous. I’m thinking somewhere between 10-20 questions is a fair amount. Obviously this means there is the possibility that your question may not be answered. Sorry. I think you can all understand where I’m coming from here.

Fans have one week to submit questions. After one week, I will pick to best 10-20 questions and send them to the band to be answered. You can ask the band anything you’d like. Questions regarding the origins of the band, their latest album, future plans they may have. Anything. I shouldn’t have to say this, but I’m going to any way. Please don’t submit any rude, obscene or disrespectful questions. Dr. Living Dead are taking their time out to do this. There is no need to be rude. Period.

Fans can submit their questions starting today, March 4, 2015 until 12AM EST March 12, 2015. All questions must be submitted to with the subject line: Dr. Living Dead Questions. Your email should include, your question, your first name and your country of origin.

Again that’s: and subject line: Dr. Living Dead Questions.

Now that you know what you need to do, what are you waiting for? Get asking!

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