INTERVIEW: DR. LIVING DEAD Answers Your Questions!

Remember a few weeks ago when I was hawking you all to submit questions for a fan-sourced interview with the mighty Dr. Living Dead? Of course you do. Well guess what? The time has come to get the answers to all your burning questions. Thanks to all those who submitted questions and a very special thank you goes out to Dr. Living Dead for taking the time out to answer them all. If you don’t know, The Doc has just wrapped a massive European tour with Suicidal Angels and Angelus Apatrida and actually answered all your questions while on the road. Just another reason Dr. Living Dead are awesome! Check out the interview below:


Mike from the United States wants to know: How did the idea of Dr. Living Dead come about? How did the band form?

DR. LIVING DEAD: The band was formed in 2007 by former singer Ape and guitar player Toxic as a side project, and later evolved into a proper band after positive reactions from all over the world.

Chad from the United States wants to know: Why do you wear the masks? Aren’t they hot when you’re performing?

DR. LIVING DEAD: Hi Chad, we always do our best to look hot on stage. But it’s a tribute to the Venice-scene from the 80’s and we wanted to incorporate it into our visual performance.

Jamie from the UK wants to know: Who are your biggest influences as a band?

DR. LIVING DEAD: Slayer, Anthrax, SOD, Suicidal Tendencies, Excel, Dismember.

Ryan from Australia wants to know: You’re one of the best bands in the whole “new wave of thrash metal”, I’m curious, who are some of your favorite bands from the new wave of thrash?

DR. LIVING DEAD: Power Trip from Texas are fucking intense, tourmates Angelus Apatrida shreds your face off, and German thrashers Dust Bolt are awesome guys. Just to name a few.

Antonio from Italy wants to know: If you can tour with any band in the world, who would it be? Why?

DR. LIVING DEAD: Death with Chuck Schuldiner. Because it would be very paranormal and good at the same time.

Rob from the United States wants to know: What are your future tour plans? Are there any plans to tour North America?

DR. LIVING DEAD: We are right now wrapping up a 6 week tour of Europe, but so far no plans for a North American tour. Send us your money and it just might happen…

Martin from Bulgaria wants to know: Do you guys have a favorite track on Crush the Sublime Gods?

DR. LIVING DEAD: Right now the title track is a favorite of all the members, but all the songs are killer to our ears, otherwise they wouldn’t be on the album. Hope you dig it as well!

Kathleen from Canada wants to know: Crush the Sublime Gods is your first album to feature your new vocalist, DRxMANIA and new drummer DRxSLAM, it’s also the first album to be released through Century Media. What affect, if any, did these things have on the writing and recording process of the album? Was there any additional stress or was it business as usual?

DR. LIVING DEAD: We feel stronger and better than ever, and if you see us live you will be destroyed (sorry Kathleen, but you will). And as far as signing with Century Media, it sure gave us a boost to reach more people and get the word across about the Doc!

Mikael from Finland wants to know: What are some of your favorite horror movies?

DR. LIVING DEAD: Batman and Robin (George Clooney with nipples on the bat suit), that´s a really fucking horrific movie.

David from the United States wants to know: I was listening to your music the other day with a friend who had some pretty negative things to say about it, things I’d rather not repeat. I’m in a band myself so I’m curious: as a musician how do you deal with negative feedback? Does it have any effect on you as an artist or do you simply brush it off and move on?

DR. LIVING DEAD: Great question! Of course negative feedback can get to you, but 5 minutes later you realize how fucking stupid it is to even give a shit. If you like us, awesome, that makes us happy. If you hate us, fuck off and listen to something else. There´s a lot of music out there for you to enjoy instead. Every one´s a critic online and it´s pathetic to even think about voicing your opinion about something when no one really gives a shit. You can never satisfy every one, and if you could, even your grand mother would like it. See anything wrong with that picture?

Jean from France wants to know: I love your artwork! Can you tell me a little bit about your mascot that appears on your album covers? Who created it? Does it represent anything in particular?

DR. LIVING DEAD: The Doc a character that was created by our former singer DRxAPE. It started as a cool cartoon kind of thing, but now it has evolved to something way cooler for us. The Doc represents true salvation from conformity and the brain numbing rat race that you are forced into while living on this planet.

James from Ireland wants to know: How do you go about writing a song/album? I’ve been following your career since the beginning and it seems like all you guys do it get better and better. What’s your secret?

DR. LIVING DEAD: Have a high level of quality control for the music you write, don´t record anything that you cannot get behind a 100% and make it fun. When you rehearse a new song with your bandmates and you all feel the goosebumps with a new riff, that´s a good indicator.

Liam from the UK wants to know: I have yet to see Dr. Living Dead live, but from reading reviews and watching live videos online, it looks like you guys put on one hell of a show. Are there any particular shows that stand out for you guys? Any crazy stories?

DR. LIVING DEAD: Actually Liam, you´ll get a fresh story from the road! Last night on the bus, we were partying with Angelus Apatrida and Suicidal Angels and it got quite intense. We were line moshing in the aisle of the bus to old Sepultura and Slayer and it lead to some destruction. Dog piling and booze all over the place. Stage diving and crowd surfing inside of a bus is something you should experience. Good times!

Yianni from Greece wants to know: If you weren’t playing thrash metal, what type of music would you be playing?

DR. LIVING DEAD: Mostly sleazy love ballads, and the occasional Polka. Maybe death metal as well.


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