I don’t know about you but every-now-and-again I need to just let loose and just do something epic that I (or most people, really) wouldn’t normally do. Two-years ago I spent an entire week’s vacation touring the mid-west of the United States following Lich King and Smash Potater around on tour and I loved every minute of it. Sleeping in my car, eating greasy fast food, hanging out with the guys and banging my head to a sick show every night was an experience I’ll probably never be able to duplicate again in my life.

However that was two years ago. Although the memories of an epic journey like that last a life time, I’ve been dying to create some new memories ever since I got back. Unfortunately I haven’t done anything even close to that these past two years. I spent most of my vacations sleeping in a hammock or doing a bunch of errands that resulted in me sleeping in said hammock because “it was such a tough day picking up beer at the local supermarket, I need a nap.” I was starting to think that at the ripe old age of 24 I was getting old.

Looking at my vacation days this year I noticed something. Something purely coincidental and amazing. My vacation happened to coincide with Full Thrash Assault, the annual all-day thrash show that has been taking place for nearly 10 years at the Snooty Fox in Wakefield, UK. As soon as I noticed this the wheels began to spin. “I should totally go to the UK and witness this madness for myself” I thought to myself. Well after some planning it’s official: I’m heading to the UK to witness the madness of Full Thrash Assault for myself!

Of course I’m not just going for one day, I’ll be doing the whole tourist thing while I’m over there, but you don’t really need to know about those plans. What you do need to know is this: I am hopping on a plane, flying across an entire ocean, navigating a foreign railway and attending Full Thrash Assault on April 18th, 2015 at the Snooty Fox in Wakefield, UK to witness the following bands play what promises to be an epic show:

Risen Prophecy
Cryptic Shift

Awesome line-up, right? Hell yeah it is! And if I can go through all of the above things to be there, you people living in the UK really don’t have much of an excuse* to miss this show. So come on out, bang your heads with me and show me what the UK scene is all about. Lets all make Full Thrash Assault 2015 the biggest year for Full Thrash Assault yet!

*Before you jump down my throat it should be noted that family functions, health issues, financial issues and work-released scheduling are all legitimate excuses for missing out on an awesome show and have caused me to miss plenty of awesome shows myself. Other than that though, you really don’t have much of an excuse not to be there so I guess I’ll see you at the Snooty Fox on April 18th!

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