Picture this: In the foreground a woman laying in a hospital bed giving birth. In the background there are two doctors closing a set of curtains trying to block out the dead, barren earth that lies just outside the hospital’s window. In between there’s a man in the suit standing there with a smile on his face holding up a picture. There’s something off about the guy. Sure he’s smiling, but it’s a creepy smile, the kind of smile you wouldn’t trust. It’s the kind of bullshit smile a corrupt politician gives to his constituents right after he shakes their hand and tells them “everything is going to be alright.” The picture he’s holding is of a lush landscape. There’s a deer drinking from a stream, blue skies, and green grass as far as the eye can see. It’s a picture perfect image, drastically better than the world that lies outside and it’s the first thing the new born baby being born in the foreground is going to see.

Do you have that image in your head? Good. It’s a powerful image – one that speaks volumes about the world we live in today. This image is also the cover art to Demolition Saint’s debut EP, Ignorance Is The Law. A fitting title for such a powerful piece of artwork.

Hailing from Italy, Demolition Saint are a five-piece band hell-bent on wrecking your neck and making you think with their bay-area influenced style of thrash metal and politically motivated lyrics about the world we live in today. Since releasing Ignorance Is The Law on Wine And Blood Records way back in 2013, Demolition Saint have become a rising star in the underground thrash metal scene garnering (much deserved) attention from fans around the world.

Now I know what a lot of you reading this are probably thinking. “It sounds like Demolition Saint are just another dime-a-dozen thrash metal band” and to be honest, your thought process isn’t entirely far off. Demolition Saint aren’t really doing anything unique or different on Ignorance Is The Law. They haven’t written anything progressive or technical and they’re not playing in some crazy ass time signature and the band hasn’t done anything on this release to “reinvent the wheel” or redefine the thrash metal genre. But after over 30 years does thrash metal really need to be reinvented? Sure there are a few bands who can actually pull off the who technical thing (i.e. Vektor), but for the most part, a lot of bands today are either over-produced or under-whelming with the material they’re putting out. Enter Demolition Saint. A band who knows damn well that “the wheel” doesn’t need to be reinvented and that the thrash metal genre doesn’t need to be redefined. A band that knows there is no substitute for a good riff.

If you’re in the market for an album full of head-banging riffs and a few solid leads, there’s no need to look any further – Ignorance Is The Law is the album for you. “Beyond The Doors of Insanity” kicks things off with an eery sounding guitar tone before jumping into a galloping main riff that’s sure to get your head banging and your heart pumping. The mood is set as the action picks up with the album’s title track which features plenty of fast riffing and some smoking lead guitar work. After only a few listens I found myself chanting the tracks chorus of “ignorance is the law!” along with the rest of the band. This track was made for the venue and I envy any of those who have seen Demolition Saint live. “God-fearing” and “Brainless World” round out the album and they’re both more of the same: good riffs and some damn fine lead guitar work throughout.

The overall production on the album is good, especially for a debut EP released on a small virtually unknown label. I can’t really find anything wrong with Ignorance Is The Law. The riffs are strong, the leads are solid, the lyrics are impactful, and from the production stand point you can’t really ask for much more. Although it’s not an overly-impressive release, it’s a damn solid one and well worth checking out if you like classic thrash in the vein of Exodus.

OVERALL: 80/100


Check out Demolition Saint on Facebook and order your copy of Ignorance Is The Law through Wine And Blood Records.

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