Plan Of The Damned: The Return of Acid Reign and UK Applecore.

United Kingdom Applecore fans rejoice! After 25 years the mighty Acid Reign are back with a “rebooted” line-up and an ass-kicking new track, Plan of the Damned!

Before I tell you how great the new track is and how much you should be looking forward to hearing it for yourself, let’s back up a bit.

Way back in May the one and only Applecore-ers announced via their official Facebook page that they were indeed back, with original vocalist Howard “H” Smith leading a “rebooted” line-up.

“Finally the rebooted line up is complete, it’s taken nearly two years but I can honestly say it’s been worth the wait.” “H” said in the original Facebook post. “Typically we’re doing things differently to everyone else as where they reformed (and believe me we tried) we are now rebooting.”

So who is this new line-up? I’ll let “H” explain. (From the original Facebook post)

Paul Chanter (guitar)
Paul did actually play with Acid Reign in 1990 on the “Joke’s On Us” Tour when he was dragged onstage by H from the audience at the Marquee to rip through “Motherly Love”. Paul was the band’s first choice to replace Adam when he quit in 1990 although it’s taken until 2015 for Paul to actually get offered the role! As a member of acclaimed metal act Died Smiling, Paul (has)toured with Stuck Mojo and appeared at the UK’s best metal festival, Bloodstock Open Air.

Cookey (guitar)
Came highly recommended to the band by ex-guitarist Kev who told ‘H’ “He’s a great guy, a good laugh and daft as a brush”

Pete Dee (bass)
Pete has worked on both sides of the glass as both a producer and a musician. He’s a member of the highly rated Kremated as well as hardcore outfit Bun Dem Out and has enjoyed stints in Rogue Male, Reactor and Viral Technology. A chance phone call in early 2015 led to him joining Acid Reign.

Marc Jackson (drums)
Influenced by musicians such as Bill Ward, John Bonham, and Cozy Powell, Marc has been a drummer since the age of thirteen, playing across the world with a host of bands, including M:Pire Of Evil, Beyond the Grave, Sabbatica (Black Sabbath Tribute), Metalizer and Minnikin.

“Everyone in the band has Acid Reign in their DNA, some of the guys knew the band back in the day and some didn’t but everyone is on the same page and we can’t wait to get out there and show the world how much it has been missing us.” Said “H” of the rebooted line-up.

As one might imagine there’s been quite the buzz surrounding the band’s recent “reboot” announcement. Fans displayed their excitement all over social media, sites like Blabbermouth picked up on the story and Zero Tolerance Magazine and Terrorizer Magazine both featured articles regarding the announcement.

People were excited and for good reason. The band that brought us Moshkinstein, The Fear, and Obnoxious were finally back after 25 years!

Shortly after their initial announcement the newly “rebooted” Acid Reign began to hint at yet another announcement. Once again fans began to get excited and as their excitement grew speculation as to what this new announcement could be began to grow as well. “You’re playing Bloodstock!” “You’re touring!” “A new album!” Finally, after weeks of hinting, Acid Reign revealed they would be releasing their first studio track in 25 years, “Plan of the Damned.”

Of course once the band announced they were hitting the studio everyone became even more excited than they already were, myself included!

Lucky for me, “H” was kind enough to send me an advance listen to the much anticipated “Plan of the Damned” a few weeks back and like any excited fan would, I immediately downloaded the track eager to hit play.

I sat in my room with my eyes closed. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. I didn’t know what to expect, really. I had no doubt that this much anticipated new track was going to be good, but still, what if I was wrong? I mean, its been 25 years since Acid Reign released anything new. 25 years. That’s the same amount of time that I’ve been alive. Can the magic still be there after that long? There was only one way to find out. Cautiously optimistic, I opened my eyes and hit play. Immediately my head began to bob up and down at the sound of the distorted guitar tone. My inhibitions regarding this track began to slip away and suddenly the sound of a familiar voice filled the room “welcome to the planet earth where reason and evidence exists.” A smile began to form, my head still bobbing. This was starting to sound familiar. I reached the chorus and once again the distorted guitar tone that I heard in the beginning filled the room. My foot began to tap in the same rhythm that my head was bobbing and the smile on my face was growing wider. Although I haven’t even listened to the whole track at this point, it was clear my initial thoughts about this track were wrong. This wasn’t going to be good. It was going to be great. Pretty soon I had forgotten about whatever inhibitions I might of had before hitting play. “Holy shit this is awesome!” I said aloud to myself. Just then the entire mood of the song changed. Things had become much more intense. Much angrier. More savage than they were just a few seconds ago. “This is not a test!” exclaims “H.” I stopped bobbing my head and immediately turned to face my stereo. The smile on my face was gone and my entire lower jaw hit the floor. The reason? The sound of the mind-blowing guitar leads that lasted for the next minute. I found my jaw and immediately the smile returned. My head began to bang harder than it had in a long long time. This was familiar. This was thrash metal in all its glory. This was Acid Reign. The track ended. “Holy shit!” I exclaimed to no one while massaging my sore neck and trying to catch my breath. I immediately hit replay. I was hooked.

To say Plan of the Damned is “good” or even “great” is actually doing the track a disservice. Even words like “amazing” and “fantastic” don’t really do it justice. Simply put, Plan of the Damned it a must hear. After just one listen it becomes clear that the “rebooted” Acid Reign line-up is filled with talented musicians who know their instruments better than most and have a clear understanding of not only what thrash metal is supposed to sound like, but more importantly, what Acid Reign is supposed to sound like. Get excited people. United Kingdom Applecore is back and it’s better than ever!


Be sure to follow Acid Reign on Facebook, Twitter. And be sure listen to Plan of the Damned when it makes its debut on the band’s new website, sometime in the very near future!



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