Condition Critical Gear-up For Nationwide Extermination.

Following a successful three years promoting their debut album, New Jersey thrash metal band Condition Critical is back with a new album and their eyes firmly fixed on nationwide extermination.

“It’s just a bit unreal,” said Mike Dreher, bassist of Condition Critical, the New Jersey thrash metal band that have been steadily making a name for themselves since bursting onto the scene in 2010.

Dreher, of course, is referring to all the success Condition Critical has had since the band formed off a Craigslist ad nearly six years ago.

Since their chance formation, Condition Critical has quickly made a name for themselves, releasing a highly acclaimed three-track EP and sharing the stage with legendary metal bands like Obituary, Morbid Saint, and Jungle Rot, to name just a few. In 2011 The New Wave of Thrash Metal Blog described the band as ”a literal war of sound that attacks with fast and chunky riffs, sick vocals, and drums that strengthen the dynamics to deadly perfection.”

In 2013, Condition Critical cemented themselves as one of the most promising underground metal bands with the release of their debut full-length album Operational Hazard. Recorded at Mana Studios, and featuring gory, eye catching cover art by renowned illustrator Ed Repka, Operational Hazard brought the band the most success they had seen to date. Soon after its release came a barrage of new shows and four very successful tours, including a two-week European run alongside Italian thrashers Ultra-Violence and Game Over.

“We just wanted to make sure we could play as much as possible when the opportunities were there for this album,” said Dreher in regards to the band’s busy schedule during their Operational Hazard days.

Flash forward to present times and it appears that new opportunities will once again be on the horizon for Condition Critical.

In just a matter of weeks the band will be releasing their highly anticipated new album, Extermination Plan, to eager fans around the world. Although an exact release date for the album has yet to be finalized, (“We’re hoping anywhere between the 7th and the 12th of March,” says Dreher), the band has already announced, via their social media pages, a month long tour of the United States.

The 30-day trek, which has officially been named The U.S. Extermination Tour, has Condition Critical once again pairing up with their European tourmates Game Over.

“We cannot wait to start this tour,” said Ziro Luka, guitarist of the Italian thrash metal band Game Over. “I had a chance to listen to a raw version of a song that will appear on their (Condition Critical) upcoming album…it’s killer. Much better than every song from Operational Hazard,” said Luka in regards to the new Condition Critical album.

Dreher seems to agree. “I feel like this new album, Extermination Plan, is our best stuff up-to-date by far,” said Dreher. “It’s definitely growing. We’re definitely doing something right.”


Extermination Plan

The U.S. Extermination Tour featuring Condition Critical and Game Over kicks off on April, 7, at the Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn, New York.

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