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Hard working, focused, determined and talented as all hell are just a few words that come to mind when one thinks of Chronosphere. The Greek thrashers have only been around since 2009 but looking at their list of accomplishments one could easily be fooled into believing that the band has been around for much longer. One demo; two full length albums; an appearance at Wacken Open Air and a ton of shows supporting some of the biggest names in heavy metal today would be more than enough to satisfy most young bands today but for Chronosphere, it’s only the beginning. “The driving force is the lust and love we have for metal” says Kostas Spades, Chronosphere’s bassist and founding member in a recent interview with Global Thrash Assault. “We push ourselves to the limit to achieve our goals and at the end of the day we are pretty satisfied with the result.”

There’s a lot to be satisfied about if you’re Chronosphere; starting with the band’s 2012 debut album, Envirusment (Athens Thrash Attack), which received overwhelmingly positive feed back from fans and critics alike. “The feedback from the people and the press was definitely better than we expected” Spades says about the ten track album. I’m not too sure what else the band was expecting, Envirusment is nothing short of great. The album displays a hungry young band who know how to play their instruments and write some damn good thrash metal. “Our influence is mainly old-school and new-school thrash metal. We also try to combine elements from other types of metal too.” explains Spades regarding the overall sound of Chronosphere. The response to Envirusment opened new and exciting doors for Chronosphere. Following the album’s release the band went on to play numerous shows throughout their native Greece where they shared the stage with such acts as Rotting Christ, Evile and Suicidal Angels. The icing on the cake for the band was their recent appearance at the legendary Wacken Open Air Festival. Chronosphere were just one album in but they were already turning heads. 
In 2013 Chronopshere announced they were hard at work on a brand new full length album, the long awaited follow up album to 2012’s Envirusment. In December of 2013, a few months after the band’s initial announcement, Chronosphere finally gave fans the thing they had so patiently waited for: a brand new studio track, Brutal Decay, which also happened to come in the form of a music video. “Filming a video was a new found experience for us.” says Spades regarding Chronosphere’s debut music video which features a high energy performance from the band in an abandoned warehouse. “We were able to figure out how to express ourselves through the camera.” Spades explains “Bob Katsionhs did a great job filming and editing the whole thing and the results speak for themselves.” While the music video for Brutal Decay may be great, fans at the time weren’t just focused on Chronosphere thrashing around in red denim jeans. The track was the first single off the band’s then untitled new album and it was the band’s best material to date. “The track talks about greed and how money corrupts people.” Spades explains.While the lyrics may have a powerful message, the music is just as powerful. Catchy riffs, blazing solos and furious drumming had fans drooling like a blood hound in anticipation for a new Chronosphere album. “It’s the best song off the record” says Spades.
In January of 2014 Chronosphere revealed Embracing Oblivion was to be the name of their long awaited second album and released the albums artwork, track listing, and announced a special guest appearance by Josh Christian of Toxik fame. “We really like his ways of expressing himself by composing guitar solos and the way he puts licks and bends all together.” tells Spades. “We contacted him, he said he really liked our first record and then we proposed him to do a solo. He accepted.” 
In a press release Chronosphere revealed Embracing Oblivion would be “a concept album describing the end and punishment of mankind due to human sins.” To bring this theme to life the band recruited artist Andrei Bouzikov to create the albums (amazing) cover art. “Andrei did a hell of a job with the cover.” says Spades. “We can see a ‘bad’ guy who looks like a king and he is wealthy inside his bubble and also he is carried by people who are his slaves. The lyrics of the album in general say that humanity is embracing oblivion throughout its own actions (organized religion, political crimes, greed, addiction to money.) I could interpret this king as a nemesis to the whole mankind.” When asked why the band chose to tackle such topics rather than sing about pizza and circle pits like some of their counterparts Spades had this to say:
“It’s just a personal decision and expression. I think that anyone can write lyrics about partying and drinking and that’s cool with me. But we wanna give people something more than that. Something they can think about and puzzle themselves while reading the lyrics. Our influence is our reality, hate for organized religion, political crimes, crimes of science. bad nature of human beings etc.” 

On June 16th Chronosphere officially released Embracing Oblivion through Italy’s Punishment 18 Records. “I think they saw us playing in Metal Days in Tolmin, Slovenia. They came into our tent later and said that they were interested. When we were ready to release the record we discussed a deal and here we are.” says Spades regarding Chronpshere’s recent signing to Punishment 18.
Similar to the albums first single, Brutal Decay, Embracing Oblivion as a whole is nothing short of fantastic. Personally, I give it two thumbs up, but only because I don’t have any more thumbs to give. The album features 10 tracks of well produced and even better written modern day thrash metal. “Of course our experience from recording Envirusment helped! We were definitely more organized in certain parts of the process” says Spades in regards to the writing/recording of Embracing Oblivion. It shows too. If you thought Envirusment was good (which it was) you haven’t heard anything yet. Embracing Oblivion is an adrenaline pumping thrill ride from beginning to end. The entire album features nothing but high octane riffing, relentless drumming and lighting fast solos that will surely cause your jaw to hit the floor. Tracks like Forced Fed Truth and Frenzied From Inside show a slightly more technical side of the band while tracks like Brutal Decay and City Of The Living Dead are straight-to-the-point-no-holds-bar thrash metal that will certainly rip your face clean off. To say Embracing Oblivion is good would be an understatement for sure. It’s the kind of album you don’t listen to just once, it’s the type of album you pop into your stereo and leave on repeat until something better comes along. Just be warned, it might take awhile to find an album that will top Chronosphere’s Embracing Oblivion.
Although the album has been out for less than a month, Embracing Oblivion is already receiving some pretty great feedback from fans and critics alike. “We are very excited about the feedback” says Spades. “We put a lot of effort and time to put this record out and the good words motivate us to try harder and keep moving forward.” So what’s next for Chronosphere? “Touring is a plan and we can’t wait to be apart of one” says Spades regarding the band’s short term goals. As far as long term goals go “Our future goal is to make a living as professional musicians, inspire people as we were inspired by our idols and leave a name in the metal history of the world.” Not an easy task by any means but if Chronosphere keeps pumping out albums like Embracing Oblivion their dream will certainly become a reality.
Check out Chronosphere on Facebook and be sure to pick up a copy of Embracing Oblivion through Punishment 18 or the band’s online store.

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