SONIC PULSE Have Released A New Track!!

Its been a while since we’ve heard anything new from the Boston power thrashers known as Sonic Pulse. Last year the band announced they were busy working on their much anticipated second album, The Breast Of Both Worlds, and told fans that things were taking longer than anticipated but were in fact moving ahead. Not long after their initial update, Sonic Pulse announced a summer tour with fellow Boston thrashers, Gas Attack and launched a some-what-successful Indiegogo Campaign to help fund their new album, tour and a music video. Things were looking good for Sonic Pulse.


However earlier this year things for Sonic Pulse came to a screeching halt. The band’s Indiegogo campaign came up short, a few key members had exited the band, and Sonic Pulse were forced to drop off their summer tour with Gas Attack. Things were looking pretty bleak for the band. I think it’s fair to say a few people out there (myself included) were beginning to wonder if Sonic Pulse would even continue to exist after experiencing such turbulence.


Not only will Sonic Pulse continue to exist, the band looks like they are gearing up to release their long awaited second album. Finally!

This past Friday (June 20th) Sonic Pulse released the first single off The Breast Of Both Worlds entitled Jerkoffagus. The track which is about a group of adventurers being lured to their deaths by the evil temptress Cleo-fap-tra. Once a great Queen of Egypt, now her spirit tempts explorers into eternal sexual frustration, is, like all Sonic Pulse tracks, a rip roaring good time. Guitarist Mick Mayer – who has taken over the vocalist position from founding member Dan Hammer – screeches out the hilarious lyrics like a demon over some bad ass riffs and raging drumming. It wouldn’t be Sonic Pulse if there weren’t any jaw-dropping solos and Jerkoffagus features plenty of shredding from Mick, Nick Petrino and even Nick Timney from Lich King and Zombie Fighter fame. It may have taken longer than anyone wanted but at long last some new Sonic Pulse material is here and like all good things, it was worth the wait.

Listen to Jerkoffagus below and be sure to follow Sonic Pulse on Facebook and Twitter!

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