CONDITION CRITICAL Gear Up For European Tour; Release New Music Video; Announce Summer US Tour!


Condition Critical might be one of the hardest working bands out there today. Last year the New Jersey thrashers released their debut album, Operational Hazard, and then embarked on a full US tour along side Killing Session and Insinnerator in support of the album. After a successful summer tour it appeared Condition Critical were taking a well deserved break during the winter months but were in fact hard at work behind the scenes booking a summer European tour with Italian thrashers Game Over and Ultra-Violence. The European Hazard Tour will be Condition Critical’s first time in Europe and it appears the band is going to be making the most out of their stay.


Earlier this month Condition Critical announced they would be embarking on the Russian Hazard Tour immediately following their European Hazard Tour with Game Over and Ultra-Violence.

Damn that’s a lot of touring. I’m actually tired just thinking about it.

Apparently though Condition Critical live by the mantra “no rest for the wicked” because just last week the band announced they would be embarking on another US tour just two weeks after returning from Europe. The 16 date Parasitic Tourment (see what they did there?) kicks of on August 14th in Atlantic City, New Jersey and ends on August 30th in Detroit, Michigan. Having seen the band play several times live I can assure you all their performance isn’t one to be missed, so check the tour dates below and get out to a show!


You would think booking all these tours would be enough work, right? For most bands it would be. However most bands aren’t Condition Critical. In addition to booking three tours the band some how managed to find the time to film their first music video. How the hell do these guys do it?!

Parasitic Torment is the second track off the band’s 2013 debut album, Operational Hazard, and it’s the first track the band has recorded a music video for. The four and a half minute video features the band at full force and shows an insane doctor torturing his victim. It’s pretty freakin’ sweet. Check the video out below and be sure to follow Condition Critical on Facebook and Twitter!

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