EPICENTER Release Artwork For Upcoming Debut Album, GRAB THE REINS.

Some of you may remember Epicenter from when the band was “competing” in the “Thrash Metal Madness” contest that took place here on Global Thrash Assault a little over a year ago. At the time, however, the band was under the name Epik Center. Ringing any bells? Good, because it should!

I’ve been a fan of these groove laced thrashers since witnessing the band perform live, opening for Testament and Overkill sometime back. The band put on one hell of a performance that had everyone at the Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts moving and throwing up the horns in approval. The performance wasn’t a fluke either, I was lucky enough to see the band for a second time in Massachusetts, this time opening for Lich King and Exmortus earlier this year. Once again the band had the venue rocking.

A while back the band announced they would releasing their debut album in the coming months and I’ve been drooling like a blood hound in anticipation ever since. After a period of waiting and not hearing anything new, Epicenter have finally given us some news regarding their long awaited debut album.

Just yesterday the New Hampshire thrashers released the kick-ass artwork for their debut album, Grab The Reins, which was done by none other than Tom Martin of Lich King and Tom Martin Art and Design.

The concept is media attacks and ambushing, condemning someone for an unpopular opinion or a soundbyte taken out of context. Cameras have laser sights trained on a nervous politician. Foreground cameraman may as well be holding a rifle. Says Martin regarding the album cover’s concept.

Although an official track listing has yet to be announced the band has released an unmastered drum play through video of the track “Twelve Feet Under“. Apparently the track was released sometime in early May and I’m now just realizing it. Sorry about that. Extra sorry in fact because the track is freakin’ sweet! Give the it a listen below and keep your eyes opened for more news regarding the release of Grab The Reins once it’s made available!

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