Hello loyal readers and die hard thrashers from around the world,

Its been a while, too long in fact. Hope all is well. In the interest of privacy I won’t go into too much detail but what you’re about to read is going to get a tad bit personal, but please, bear with me to the end. I think you’ll like what I have to say.

It’s no secret I started Global Thrash Assault two-and-a-half years ago out of pure boredom. It’s also no secret that the site has grown and continues to grow even though I have failed to keep the site properly updated. The only pieces that have been posted (besides the YOUR DAILY DOSE OF THRASH) have been submitted to me by a contributor (thanks Connor!). The reason for my lack of activity stems from years of self-doubt, uncertainty, and various other things I won’t go into detail about, all catching up with me. The fact is I have been in a slump for a long ass time and I’m finally out of it. I’m more focused and creative than I’ve ever been and I’m looking forward to the future. However the word “future” in this instance doesn’t mean the future of this site, it means my own personal future.

Before we go an further let me just say this site will still continue to exist. To be honest I had thoughts about shutting it down to better focus on myself but after a long hard thought I’ve decided that I was in fact a fool for thinking such a thing and this site will continue to grow, just in different ways than we’re all used to.

As I said earlier, I’m at a point in my life where I need to be focusing on my own personal future. Actually I’ve been at this point for the last several years but like I said – I was in a pretty terrible slump. My future calls for furthering my education. As you can imagine going back to school is no small task. I graduated high school six years ago so for me this is a monumental task. Shifting my focus from this blog (and other things in life) to school is an absolute must, I think you can all understand why and how important this is. I’ve got my eyes set on a career in journalism and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let anything slow me down or get in my way.

You see I’ve always loved researching and discussing topics I find to be of interest. It’s a small part of the reason why I started this site and it’s a big part of the reason I continue to update it.  This curiosity and passion in combination with my new found creative focus and desired career in journalism has been leading me down new and exciting roads that I wish to explore. I’ve decided to give Global Thrash Assault a ‘facelift’ if you will. You see I no longer want this site to be me sharing my opinions on albums and bands, I want it to become something much better. Of course I still want to share my thoughts and opinions, after all this is still a blog and if you’re not sharing your thoughts and opinions on a blog, then what’s the point in having a blog? What I want to do is share my thoughts after I dig deeper into the actual band itself. I want to explore how a band got started, the ups and downs of being in said band, the band’s music and their influences and goals for the future. What I’m trying to say is that I’m not just going to be writing a review but rather a ‘feature’ on a band. I feel this is not only a great way to keep this blog going but it’s a great way to sharpen my skills and better prepare myself for a future career in my desired field. In addition I also have a desire to explore topics like touring and how thrash metal has managed to remain a dominate force in the metal world for nearly three decades now. For these ‘research’ topics I will be reaching out to bands, labels, managers and fans to get their opinion so that I can write the best piece possible for your reading enjoyment.

Remember that podcast I said I was starting last year? I still desire to do that however doing an episode on a weekly basis is now an unrealistic goal considering all my new goals. We’ll aim for once a month to start and then go from there. Each episode will feature an interview or rather a discussion ranging from topics like why the person picked up an instrument in the first place to how todays world effects them as an artist. I also want to conduct “Twitterviews” with bands and give fans a chance to weigh in and ask questions through social media. Again I feel both these things will better not only this site but better myself for a future career as well.

You’re still going to see the standard reviews every now and again and YOUR DAILY DOSE OF THRASH isn’t going any where. Plus people can still submit content just as long as they follow the rules. Although the amount of posts in the future may not nearly be what they used to be rest assured, quality beats quantity any day of the week and I attend to post nothing but quality from here on out.

Thanks for reading,

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