It’s that time of the week again. The day where workers and students alike leave their respected places of torment and head home for two days of relaxation. Fridays aren’t just good, they’re great. And if you’re a thrash fan they just got better. You see from now on Fridays here at Global Thrash Assault will forever be known as FREE THRASH FRIDAY! Now you’re probably thinking one of two things. Some of you may be thinking “You said this once before, Chad.” You’re right. I have. However over the last several months I have been experiencing some computer problems leaving me only to my tiny laptop that strains my already strained eyes and if I’m being honest this has been a small part of the reason why I haven’t been posting on a regular basis. Lame excuse I know, especially since it turns out my “computer problems” were just me being a “dumb ass” however as of yesterday they’ve been resolved! Now I can get back to my regular blogging schedule!

The second thing you’re probably thinking is “what’s free thrash Friday?” Glad you asked. We all know there are literally tons of bands around the world. A small portion of these bands are on sites like BandCamp and SoundCloud and have their music available for free download or a “name your price” option, which is essentially free unless you feel like giving a hard working band a few of your hard earned dollars, which is something I urge you to do, however it’s your choice. Each and every Friday from now on I will scour the internet looking for thrash metal bands that are offering their music up as a free download and bring them to your attention. All you have to do is listen to the music and if you like what you hear, press download and enjoy! It’s just that simple.
Excited? Thought so. Now lets begin.
Italy has arguably one of the best thrash metal scenes in the world today. This isn’t just my opinion, it’s a fact. Seriously though, Italian thrash metal is nothing short of fantastic and the Firenze thrashers, Collapse, are proof. Since 2007 this five piece has been thrashing throughout Italy and in 2011 the band released a fantastic EP, A Mano Armata. If memory serves me correct Collapse were one of the first (if not the first) bands from Italy I discovered and for nearly two years I’ve been listening to A Mano Armata. The album may only contain four tracks but it has everything you need including catchy riffs, nice solos and vocals that belt out Italian lyrics. It’s great. Listen to Collapse’s A Mano Armata below and if you like what you hear download the album for free at this location.

Kemakil are not only one of the hardest working bands in the UK thrash scene today they might just be one of the best. Last year the Suffolk thrashers released their self-titled debut album which received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Less than a year later and Kemakil are back with another fantastic release, this time an EP entitled The Shard. Containing five tracks of old-school thrash Kemakil have once again struck gold with The Shard. Fantastic riffs, a few catchy hooks and some damn fine song structure are just a few things listeners have to look forward to with this release. Like everything Kemakil has done before, The Shard is well worth your time. Listen to the album below and ‘name your price’ at this location.

Some of you may remember Zombie Attack as the band was part of the YOUR DAILY DOSE OF THRASH feature not too long ago. For those of you who remember seeing the post but just skimmed over it without really giving the feature a look through (shame on you!) I’m here to bring the band to your attention once again. Hailing from the Ukraine, Zombie Attack are a relatively new band with a lot of potential. Earlier this month the band released their debut album, Through The Circles Of Hell and man is it a good time! Featuring twelve tracks of high-octane thrash, Zombie Attack hits you with riff after fantastic riff and puts a smile on your face that’s hard to get rid of. Although only a debut, Through The Circles Of Hell is nothing short of great! Listen to the album below and ‘name your price’ at this location.

Terebos are another young band from the UK that has been thrashing like a group of mad men since 2010. Since their formation Terebos have gone on to play various shows throughout the UK, released an EP, released a music video and word is the band is working on another album. Perhaps the only thing more impressive than the bands work ethic is the bands music. With influences ranging from bands like Destruction to Children of Bodom, Terebos have one simple goal – write heavy tracks. That’s exactly what the band does on their Toxic Overkill EP which was released just last year. To put it simply, if you’re looking for some damn good thrash look no more, Terebos have you covered. Listen to Toxic Overkill below and ‘name your price at this location.

Sadly all good things must come to an end but don’t worry, I’ll be back again next week! Until then crank up the volume and enjoy some free thrash!

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