CROSS EXAMINATION Still Ain’t Nothin’ To F@$% With!!

You guys know Cross Examination, right? The awesome party squad has been tearing things up for years destroying everything and everyone that gets in their way. However since the band released their second full length album, Menace II Sobriety, way back in 2008 things on the Cross Exam front have been pretty quiet. Sure the band has continued to perform shows in and around their home town of Saint Louis, but other than the occasional gig, nothing. Cross Examination have been quiet for so long I couldn’t help but wonder if the band was ever going to release a new album.

All my worries and doubts regarding a new Cross Examination album vanished this past week as the band not only announced the release of a new EP this Summer, but also gave fans something they’ve been wanting for a long, long time. A BRAND NEW STUDIO TRACK!
Opposite Day, the first track off the band’s upcoming Dawn of the Dude EP is everything fans of Cross Examination have come to expect from the band. To put it simply it’s a high octane thrill ride featuring killer riffs, a bitchin’ solo and some damn good lyrics. It’s a must hear for fans of killer crossover and proves that Cross Examination still ain’t nothin’ to fuck with!
Listen to Opposite Day below and look for Dawn of the Dude this July. I’ll do my best to keep you all up-to-date on any new details regarding the EPs release but if you’re looking for up to the minute information your best bet is to follow the band on Facebook.

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