First Bands For FULL THRASH ASSAULT 2015 Announced.

For those of you who don’t know, Full Thrash Assault is an independent all day festival that takes place every year in the UK. For close to a decade Full Thrash Assault has provided a stage for the best and brightest up and coming thrash bands the UK has to offer, and as we all know by now – there are a lot of killer thrash bands in the UK.

As some of you may know, Global Thrash Assault was asked to sponsor the Full Thrash Assault festival this past year (2014) by the man behind the festival, Mr. Dave Ingram. Of course I agreed, in fact I was honored to be asked. I tried my best to make it to this years festivities (which took place this past Saturday, April 12th) however things didn’t work out like I had hoped they would. Other than me not being there I’m told everything with the annual thrash metal meeting went great. All the bands killed and fans from across the country had a great time.

Although I’m still disappointed I wasn’t able to attend the 2014 edition of Full Thrash Assault, Global Thrash Assault is once again sponsoring the show next year so I’m hoping to make the trip across the pond (so sorry) in 2015 to enjoy a fantastic day of UK thrash metal. Hopefully things work out this time because the line-up for next year’s show is looking pretty damn good.

Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen because on April 18th Full Thrash Assault 2015 is going down at the Snooty Fox in Wakefield! As if a one year notice wasn’t enough to get you to the show then this line-up most certainly will.

Confirmed bands for Full Thrash Assault 2015 so far:

Thrashist Regime
Risen Prophecy

Damn. And to think the headliners are still to be announced.

Be sure to join the official Full Thrash Assault 2015 event page on Facebook for up-to-the-minute information regarding the festival. Hope to see you all there!

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