Would You Like To Contribute To Global Thrash Assault? NOW YOU CAN!

Over the last few weeks I’ve gotten a few e-mails from loyal Global Thrash Assault followers asking if they can in some way contribute to the blog. When I started GTA over two years ago I never imagined I would ever receive such emails. Hell, I never thought people would actually discover the site let alone check back everyday looking for updates. In the interest of total honesty I never thought I would still be updating this blog. I started Global Thrash Assault at a rather dark time in my life. I wasn’t sure where I was going and what I was doing and that uncertainty was weighing pretty heavy on me. My friends were all in steady relationships and just finishing up their college degrees and here I was – single and working a shit job that was getting me no where. I had absolutely no direction and needed to focus on something to help pull myself get out of the slump I was in. A few weeks after realizing I needed a hobby I started Global Thrash Assault. Again I never thought I would still be updating this blog but in two years time I’ve updated the blog nearly 500 times and have hundreds of thousands of views and have released two (in my opinion) pretty great compilations featuring bands from around the world. To say I’m satisfied with the direction Global Thrash Assault has gone in would be an understatement to say the least.

Those of you who follow the blog on a regular basis know the site hasn’t really been updated like it used to be. Sure you still get YOUR DAILY DOSE OF THRASH everyday but there hasn’t been a whole lot of other content. The fact is I’ve been dealing with some personal struggles these last few months. Don’t panic, I’m fine and so is everyone near and dear to me. I don’t really want to get into too much detail just know I’ve taken some huge steps these last few weeks and hope to be back writing like I used to soon!

The prospect of this site becoming an internet “dead-zone” became an unbearable thought for me. After I received the first e-mail asking to contribute to the site I stopped what I was doing and thought long and hard. I’m the only one who has ever contributed to this blog, after all – it’s my blog. However after a few days of contemplating I decided that Global Thrash Assault would only benefit from having other contributors. So for those who have inquired about contributing to Global Thrash Assault my answer to you is – YES!

Before you all start writing let me just lay down a few ground rules first:

1) If you do decide to contribute please note this is not a paying gig. I have been writing on this blog for over two years and I haven’t made a cent. I don’t do this for money. I do it because I love thrash metal and I love sharing my thoughts and opinions regarding the genre with people who are equally passionate about it. So if you’re looking for money, look somewhere else.

2) Everything you write must be submitted to me before it’s published on the blog. Anything nasty or insulting or down right bad probably won’t get published. You can easily write a bad review of an album -which is fine, some albums are deserving of such criticism. Just don’t be a dick about it because regardless of your opinion the people who wrote and recorded the music worked hard on that album. Be honest but also be courteous. After I review your piece I will publish it and share it for others to read. You of course will be given credit for the piece. Submit your work to me by sending an email to globalthrashassault@gmail.com

3) You can submit anything from album reviews to live reviews to opinion based pieces. However don’t ever show up to a show and say “I’m from Global Thrash Assault and I’m gonna write a review of tonight’s show, let me in for free.” Or contact a label or band demanding they send your an album so you can review it for the site. I have never done this. Ever. If I hear word of you doing this – you will no longer be able to contribute to this site. I don’t care how good your piece is. Don’t take advantage of bands, promoters and labels using this blog. It’s that simple.

4) If I notice you are contributing a lot of quality work to the site then there is a pretty good chance I will start asking you to review albums personally. If I do ask you to do this I will send you the files of the album I’d like you to review. If I really like what your doing then I may get you more involved with other Global Thrash Assault projects (compilations, podcast etc.) in the future. However in order to receive these perks you must first earn my trust and present quality work.

Those are my terms. I hope you all understand and are still willing to contribute. If you have any questions or concerns contact me (Chad) at:


Hope to read some of your work soon!!

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