BIO-CANCER Need Your Help Funding Their New Album!

I’ve been a huge fan of Bio-Cancer ever since I discovered the band a little over two years ago. The band’s debut album, Ear Piercing Thrash, has been in my rotation since the album was released and if I’m being perfectly honest I don’t see it leaving anytime soon – it’s that damn good!


Last year Bio-Cancer announced the writing process for their sophomore album was officially underway and within a few months the band gave fans the update they’ve been waiting for when they released the albums amazing artwork promising “nothing but cut throating, ultra face paced songs that will rip your head apart.” In the more recent months things have been quiet on the Bio-Cancer front. There hasn’t been any news or updates regarding Tormenting The Innocent, the band’s much anticipated second album. Quiet until earlier this week that is.

This past Monday (March 24th) Bio-Cancer launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund their new album. The campaign is only two days old and already the band has raised 130 or the 650 Euros they are looking to raise. In exchange for your hard earned money Bio-Cancer are offering up some pretty sweet rewards ranging any where from a free download of Tormenting The Innocent to free merchandise. Check out the band’s Indiegogo campaign at this location and be sure to give what you can. If you can’t afford to give that’s okay too, just share the campaign with your friends and help spread the word about Bio-Cancer and their ear piercing thrash!!

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