LOST SOCIETY Release A Lethal New Track!

I think everyone knows about Lost Society by now. These young Finnish thrashers stormed on to the scene last year with the release of their critically acclaimed debut album, Fast Loud Death. The band hasn’t slowed down since the album’s release; embarking on several tours throughout Europe all while writing their sophomore album which was announced for an early April release at the beginning of the year.


Much of the thrash world (myself included) was a buzz earlier this year when Lost Society announced their new album – Terror Hungry – would be “faster and louder” than its predecessor. However since the band’s initial announcement not much else has been said about Terror Hungry. That is until now.

Earlier today Lost Society broke their silence (literally!) by releasing the first single of their much anticipated new album. Lethal Pleasure is a neck snapping good time that fans of the band and pretty much anyone else who enjoys ripping solos and kick ass speed metal will find highly enjoyable.

Frontman Sammy Elbanna had this to say about the new track:

Lethal Pleasure was one of the first songs we wrote for the new album and it has very traditional speed metal feel to it with some killer shred solos and some groove! The song is one of the less dark themed songs on the album, it just makes you wanna scream and fuckin’ band your head! The song is basically about what we’re doing, thrashing out is our lethal pleasure!! Enjoy this killer tune everybody! Lost Society is back: faster and louder than ever!!!”

Listen to this killer new Lost Society track below and as always, when more details regarding Terror Hungry are released you can be sure I’ll bring them to you!


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