TESTIMONY Release New Track; Jaws Drop In Astonishment.


Testimony – everyones favorite progressive-thrashers from the mid-west – have just released a new track off their upcoming “The Beast That Prays” EP.


Spectral Thoughts is the first new material we’ve heard from Testimony since the band released their phenomenal Transcending Reality EP nearly two years ago. Its been a while, but after listening to this four and a half minute track more times than I can count I have to admit, the wait for new Testimony material was indeed worth it.

Spectral Thoughts is nothing short of fantastic, it’s perhaps the best track we’ve heard from Testimony thus far and that’s saying a lot considering just how good Transcending Reality was (is?). The whole song has a really nice Coroner vibe to it and a killer main riff throughout that will certainly get your adrenaline pumping. However if riffs aren’t your thing (what?!) don’t worry – the jaw dropping lead guitar work by guitarist Michael Gawl and the ridiculous drum assault by Taylor Lambacher will certainly increase your heart rate and leave your starving for more. Fans of Testimony shouldn’t be surprised that Spectral Thoughts is great. Everyone else should get to know these guys now because if the band keeps writing material like this they’ll be a national act in no time!

The Beast The Prays will be available for pre-order through the official Testimony on-line store soon. In the mean time be sure to check out the band on Facebook and listen to Spectral Thoughts below.

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