Final Depravity are perhaps one of the hardest working band’s in thrash metal today. Formed in December of 2007 in the Ruhra Area or Germany (a.k.a. the home of legends Kreator and Sodom and also a major focal point of German metal in general) these thrashers got off to a quick start releasing a highly praised 3-track demo in 2008. Following the release Final Depravity went on to share the stage with metal greats like Sodom, Artillery, Legion of the Damned and The Very End. After two years of playing shows throughout Germany, Final Depravity hit the studio in 2010 to record their fantastic debut album, Nightmare 13. The album was a huge success and as a result Final Depravity went on to play over 70 live shows in support of the album opening for Arch Enemy, Accuser, and Warrant.  The band even went on support the mighty Onslaught on the their 2011 Scream For Violence European Tour.


Final Depravity’s hard work hasn’t gone un-noticed, in fact quiet the opposite. The band has been steadily on the rise since the formation nearly seven years ago. The one slight hiccup in this band’s career (if you can even call it that) was the departure of their original drummer who was quickly replaced by Jerome Reil; who happens to be the son of Jurgen “Ventor” Reil who happens to be the drummer of Kreator.

With a their line-up finalized, Final Depravity once again hit the studio to record their second album, last year’s Thrash Is Just The Beginning; a most fitting album title considering this band’s work ethic.

“Thrash metal for the next generation” is how Final Depravity describes themselves on their Facebook page and Thrash Is Just The Beginning certainly backs this claim up. Don’t get me wrong here – the album is still very much thrash metal. There are plenty of neck snapping riffs and face melting solos to be heard on this release – hell the album even features a pretty bad ass cover of Pleasure To Kill. However if you’re under the impression that Final Depravity are another one of those young bands who wear skinny jeans and white high tops (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) you couldn’t be anymore wrong. Thrash Is Just The Beginning shows a band that is focused, determined and downright deadly. The whole album is a teutonic thrash metal assault featuring ridiculous drumming, brutal vocals, mind blowing leads and fantastic riffs. Tracks like Tale Of Woe and Dementia will whip you into a frenzy while Gates To Nothingness is nothing short of a downright beautiful acoustic instrumental. Perhaps the best part of the whole album is the fact that not once does Final Depravity try to emulate an iconic thrash band from the 80’s, making this album a breath of fresh air for many and an album that must be heard by all.

Thrash Is Just The Beginning is available now through Nihilistic Empire Records and is available for streaming on the Final Depravity BandCamp page. Be sure to check out Final Depravity on Facebook for up-to-the-minute information regarding the band.

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