The music industry is changing right before our very eyes, I think we all know that. I talked about how it’s important for band’s to have their music for sale on sites like BandCamp and major digital music distributors like iTunes a few times in the past. Don’t get me wrong, CDs and vinyl are great and I still think band’s should still have these formats available for fans, however most of the music I buy nowadays is digital and I’m sure there are plenty of you reading this who are the same way.

I spend countless hours each week trolling sites like BandCamp and ReverbNation looking to get my thrash metal fix and in doing so I’ve noticed something – a lot of bands are offering their music up for free or have a “name your price” option with no minimum to purchase. Why bands choose to do this is and whether it’s a good idea or not is something that can be debated for days. I’m not here to start a debate; if a band choses to give their music away for free or with no minimum to purchase that’s the band’s decision. I am however here to point you in the direction of the band’s who are giving their music away for free in this what-I-hope-to-be-new-weekly-feature, FREE THRASH FRIDAY.
Before we begin let me first point something out. A lot of the band’s that are going to be featured in this segment are offering their music as “name your price” with no minimum to purchase. To many this is free – which is totally fine. The band’s realize this when they upload their music and they’re well aware that people are going to download the songs without giving any money. However I would encourage you all to give what you can if at all possible. If you can’t give now perhaps you can buy a t-shirt from the band in the future or maybe even make it out to a gig to see the band perform live. If none of the above is possible for you that’s fine too, again the band’s know what they’re doing here. But the least you can do is tell your friends about these band’s. Help expand their fan base and continue to show them your support. It’s the least you can do.
With that out of the way, let’s begin!
First up we have Septic Fatality. I loved these Sheffield thrashers from the moment I first heard them. Catchy riffs and awesome solos is what this band is all about – or rather was all about. Sadly these youngsters have broken up but not before releasing their killer three track Into The Tomb EP which is still available as a “name your price” download on the band’s BandCamp page. Give it a listen, if you like what you hear be sure to give it a download. Then join the rest of us Septic fans in asking “why did these guys have to break up?”
I freaking love Visceral Attack! These crossover thrashers from Ireland will chew you up and spit you out leaving your body a mangled mess. Fast, intense and in your face are just a few words that come to mind when listening to this band. Visceral’s ripping solos, unrelenting drumming and neck snapping riffs come at you in all directions which makes for an enjoyable listening experience for all! Currently Visceral Attack have their V is for Visceral EP and Quick And Severe album available to download on their BandCamp page at a “name your price” option. Get on it! 
The thrash metal scene in Ireland has been on the rise these last few years. As a result I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with the Dublin thrashers known as Atominated. These youngsters broke into the scene last year with their unrelenting social media campaign and were quickly accepted by fans around the world for their nose to the grindstone work ethic and their fantastic music which features some damn fine riffage. Last year Atominated released their World Without Flesh EP and fans everywhere rejoiced. The album is currently available as a “name your price” download on the band’s BandCamp page. Also available for download is Atominated’s latest track, National Suicide, which is a pretty fantastic demo off the band’s soon to be released second album. Keep an eye on these guys! 
Next up we have the Aurora, Illinois thrashers, Smash Potater. Unfortunately these crossover bangers are no longer together but before disbanding last year the Tater boys released two jaw dropping EP’s and a few badass demo’s as well. If you like your music with catchy as hell riffs, blazing solos and lyrics that will provide you with a good hardy laugh look no further, Smash Potater are the band for you! The band’s entire discography is currently available as a “name your price” download over on the Smash Potater BandCamp Page.  Man, I hope these guys get back together!
Lastly we have yet another Irish band, Acid Age. These self described “hyper thrashers” have been thrashing around the Northern part of Ireland for just over a year and have already managed to release three pretty solid EP’s. If fast riffs with various thrash, punk and NWOHBM influences is your thing, Acid Age have the music for you. Currently the band has three releases for download on their official BandCamp page. If you’re looking to get your neck snapped give Acid Age a try! 

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