There’s nothing like the end to a brutal work week, am I right? At long last we can all sit back, put our feet up and crack open a cold one. If you’re like you enjoy your two days of relaxation with a side of music, thrash in particular. After all, what’s better than some killer thrash metal? Pretty much nothing, except for maybe FREE killer thrash metal. Do I have your attention now? Thought so.

That’s right people, today is your lucky day. A few killer bands are being kind enough to offer up the music they’ve worked so hard to create for free. That’s zero (0) dollars. It’s also awesome. Check out some of these very kind and amazing bands, download their music and be sure to tell your friends.

First up we have the U.K. thrashers Seregon. These Bristol natives were featured in our Your Daily Dose Of Thrash feature earlier today, and for some reason I’m just now noticing these bangers are offering up their latest album, The Movement, as a free download. The album rips and if you haven’t heard it yet, you’re missing out. Download the whole album here and bang your head like a mad man all weekend long.

Mutank are another Your Daily Dose Of Thrash veteran who have just released their debut album, M.E.C.H. Metal today! To celebrate these crazy Canadians are offering the whole album up as a free download! Actually the album is more of a “Name Your Price” deal so technically you can download it for free but I would urge you to throw a few bucks the bands way. Either way you can stream and download M.E.C.H Metal on the Mutank BandCamp Page.

Striking Beast rule! Some of you may remember these young Polish thrashers from last years Thrash Metal Madness “competition.” If you’ve never heard of these youngsters, you’re seriously missing out. The band plays some intense jaw dropping thrash you have to hear to believe! You can download the bands debut Nuclear Genocide EP at this location.

I love Vindicator (UK). These blackened thrashers have been at it since 2009 releasing several EPs and singles throughout the years. The band has been relatively quiet as of late but is looking to release a brand spanking new album sometime later this year making this the perfect time to catch up on their old material. You can download Vindicator’s music at this location.

We all know I’ve got a thing for U.K. thrash, I’ve mentioned two bands from this series of tiny islands in this post already. Now you can make it three. Death Head are nothing short of fantastic. Late last year the band released their second EP, Inner Self and just like it’s predecessor – the self titled Death Head – it’s great! Both releases are available as a “Name Your Price” download now on the bands BandCamp page. 

Texas Toast Chainsaw Massacre is perhaps the most ridiculous name for a band that I have ever heard. However these Chicago natives know how to thrash. Since forming in 2011 the Toast has played various shows in and around the Windy City and have hit the studio on more than one occasion. If you’re looking for some fun kick ass crossover look no further. Download the Toast’s music from their BandCamp page.

I’ve talked about Nuklear Infektion more than once on this site. The bands 2012 Weapons of Massive Genocide EP really did a number on my neck. I loved it. Still do in fact. These Portugesse thrashers describe themselves as Pure, aggressive and devastating old school thrash metal in the vein of Exodus, Slayer, Vio-Lence and Sepultura. I’d have to agree. Decide for yourself after you’ve downloaded Weapons of Massive Genocide from the Nuklear Inektion BandCamp page.

Hopefully the seven bands featured above will be enough to get you through the weekend! I’m looking to make this a new weekly feature here on Global Thrash Assault so if you know any killer thrash bands who are offering their music up as a free download let me know by sending an email to globalthrashassault [@] gmail [.] com. 

Till next Friday be sure to enjoy your free thrash, tell your friends and support the underground!

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