CHRONOSPHERE Release Cover Art And Track Listing For New Album, EMBRACING OBLIVION.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, 2014 is going to be a great fantastic year for thrash metal. So many killer albums have already been announced and we’re not even a month in. Seriously. I don’t know if my neck will be able to handle all the awesome albums that are coming out this year, I might just thrash myself to death!

Chronosphere, the Greek thrashers who brought us all the killer Envirusment album way back in 2011 have officially added their name to the killer-bands-releasing-a-killer-new-album list of 2014. Just a few hours ago today, the band released the stunning Andrei Bouzikov art work for their upcoming album, Embracing Oblivion. 
The band had this to say regarding the albums cover art:
As you can imagine, it’s a concept album describing the end/punishment of the world due to human sins!! How we receive violence in every form (science, religion, politics, money etc.), how we react and how we finally set out race to destruction.

In addition to releasing the jaw dropping art work above, Chronosphere was kind enough to release the track listing for Embracing Oblivion as well. Oh and spoiler alertJosh Christian of Toxik will be featured on one of the albums tracks. 
Are you as excited about this album as I am? Thought so. While you let all this sink in be sure to check out the albums track listing below.
Embracing Oblivion Track Listing.
01) Killing My Sins
02) One Hand Red Per Saint
03) Force Fed Truth
04) Brutal Decay
05) Frenzied From Inside
06) Herald The Uprising (feat. Josh Christian / Toxik)
07) City Of The Living Dead
08) Seize Your Last Chance
09) Beyond Nemesis
10) The Redemption
No word yet on when Chronosphere plan on releasing Embracing Oblivion but when more details are revealed you can be sure I’ll bring them to you!

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