FADOM Demand Your Attention!

Greece has one of the best thrash metal scenes in the world today. Seriously. Bands like Exarsis, Suicidal Angels, Bio-Cancer and Chronosphere are putting this country on the thrash metal map and have the country’s thrash scene rivaling those of the U.K. and Italy, and if you’re familiar with this blog you know that’s one hell of a compliment!

Fadom are yet another killer Greek band causing a stir and proving the above point true. Greece really knows how to thrash!
Formed in 2011 these youngsters immediately got to work releasing their debut EP, Thrash Bandicoot, not long after their formation. Following the EPs release, Fadom began establishing a small following with a few successful gigs throughout Greece and after a few years of playing shows Fadom were ready to record their first full length album. However like many young bands, Fadom experienced some turbulence with their line-up. Lucky for us a few line-up changes weren’t enough to hold these hungry young thrashers back. Armed with a new line-up Fadom hit Made In Hell Studios with producer David Prudent in 2013 to record the bands debut full length, Pantophobia. 
Featuring eight tracks, Pantophobia (meaning the fear of everything) was released through Athens Thrash Attack on January 7th of this year. After listening to the album several times I can’t help but wonder why no one is talking about this release, or this band for that matter. Fadom have delivered pure thrash metal gold with their debut full length. Pantophobia features a never ending supply of great riffs, ripping solos, and hooks that are catchy as hell. Tracks like Thrasholution and Thrash Bandicoot will cause your neck to snap and your body to convulse while Massive Destruction and Heavenfall will bring you to your feet and have you circling pitting around your dining room table. The whole album is topped off nicely with some damn fine production making Pantophobia an enjoyable listening experience for all. 
If you’re not a fan of Fadom you will be after listening to Pantophobia. Order you copy of this amazing album here and be sure to follow Fadom on Facebook for up-to-the-minute information about the band!

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