AGGRESSIVE Release Two Demo Tracks; Announce South American Tour!

The Colombian thrashers known as Aggressive have been devastating skulls since 2006 with their killer-Bay-Area-influenced-thrash-metal-assault. Since their formation this 5-piece has managed to release a promising demo, a killer five track EP (Brainless State), and in 2011 the band signed a deal with Brutalized Records and released their phenomenal debut album, Predators Arrival. Did I forget to mention that Aggressive have also become one of the biggest thrash bands in South America and have gone on to find a special place in the heart of thrashers around the world? Cause they’ve done that too.

I quickly locked on to Aggressive not long after I started this blog and I’ve been a huge fan (to say the least!) of the band ever since. I simply can’t get enough of these guys. Killer vocals, riffs capable of breaking even the most seasoned thrashers neck and jaw dropping solos are just a few reasons why I love this band. Since purchasing my copy of Predators Arrival nearly two years ago I’ve been starving for another Aggressive release. If you’re familiar with the bands music I’m sure you’ve been waiting eagerly for another Aggressive album as well. Hell, even if you’re not familiar with this band you want them to release another album, they’re that good!
It appears good things happen to those who wait, because after nearly three years of waiting, Aggressive have finally released two demo tracks off their upcoming album, Introduction to Dystopia! 
The two new tracks, 1984 and Fahrenheit 451, are aggressive to say the least. They’re everything fans have come to expect from this band and everything thrash fans want to hear. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself:
Killer right?
In addition to releasing a new full length album it appears Aggressive are embarking on a massive South American Tour beginning at the end of this month. Personally I’ve been dying to see this band live so if they’re playing a show near you I urge you to go. Check out the tour dates on the poster below and when more information on the next Aggressive album is released you can be sure I’ll bring them to you!

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