Its been a few months since I announced the Global Thrash Assault Podcast. Since the initial announcement not much has been said about the future podcast, so what’s going on with the damn thing?

Well, I can assure you all, it’s coming and coming soon. I mean really, really soon!

In the coming days I will finally sit down and record my first official podcast! Each episode will feature killer music from thrash bands around the world as well as news and updates about all things thrash metal. I’m talking about album news, tour news and whatever else that’s happening in thrash metal. In addition to news and music almost every episode will feature an interview with some of your favorite underground thrash metal bands. I say almost every episode because scheduling interviews with bands halfway around the world may be an issue due to the massive time-zone differences. I think we can all understand where I’m coming from with this. I’m not father time and I don’t want to inconvenience anyone who may be busy with personal business. My name is Chad and I want to help promote killer bands in a manner fans and bands will enjoy.

Obviously interviews will be pre-recorded. However if you’re familiar with Global Thrash Assault then you know I care about the fans just as much as I care about the bands playing the music I love. If you’re like me then you’ve listened to or read many an interview with some of your favorite bands and have been left frustrated with so many unanswered questions, questions you would give anything to ask. Well guess what? No longer will you be left with that terrible feeling of frustration, at least with a Global Thrash Assault interview. I’m giving you – the fans – a chance to ask your favorite bands the questions you’ve always wanted answered!

I bet you’re wondering how all this is going to work. Let me explain:

As soon as an interview is confirmed it will be announced on this very website as well as on the Global Thrash Assault Facebook and Twitter pages. Immediately following the announcement fans will be given the opportunity to submit questions they would like answered. Questions can be submitted by either email, comments or tweets and can range from anything from a bands influences to a bands opinion on a certain subject. What ever you’d like to ask you can. HOWEVER only serious questions will be considered for obvious reasons. Questions will be accepted up until the day of the interview. All accepted questions will be part of a “Answer The Fans” segment of the interview.

In addition to submitting questions bands and fans can submit news as well as topics for discussion and even music.

Personally I’m excited. How about you?

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