Swedish Thrashers PARANORM To Release ‘The Edge of Existence’ EP.

Swedish progressive thrash metal band PARANORM will follow up their debut EP “Pandemonium’s Rise” by releasing a four-song EP titled “The Edge of Existence” on February 11th. The EP will be released worldwide in both physical and digital form.

Comment singer and rhythm guitarist Markus Hiltunen:The Edge of Existence shows the band at a whole new level. We really took the time to polish every detail to make it as good as it possibly could be. The EP is powerful, melodic, progressive and aggressive, sometimes even bordering on downright scary.”

Fans of bands such as KREATOR, later era DEATH, CORONER and VEKTOR are sure to find PARANORM appealing.



PARANORM is a thrash metal band based in Uppsala, Sweden. They have played together since 2008, released a demo (DEMO 2010) and an EP (Pandemonium’s Rise, 2011) independently, and played numerous shows around Sweden. They aim to create a melodic and progressive form of thrash metal, while still retaining the power and aggression that is the foundation of the genre. Instead of repeating what bands did 25 years ago, they seek to build upon that formula, creating something new and refreshing. For more information, please visit:
The physical version of “The Edge of Existence” will be available through the band’s official merch store at paranorm.bigcartel.com, and the digital on through all major digital music stores as well as streaming services.
The complete track list follow below:
1. Into the Unknown
2. Second Assault
3. Sunstorm
4. Desolate Worlds
A pre-release single of “Desolate Worlds” can no be streamed on the band’s YouTube Channel at this location.


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