New Albums You Should All Be Excited About!

Its been a while since I’ve talked about any upcoming thrash albums, sorry about that! To make it up to you all I decided to write a post about albums you probably already know about!

Seriously though, there are some really killer bands releasing some really killer stuff in 2014 so make sure you read about all of them!*

Testimony kicked the new year off right by releasing the ridiculous artwork for their upcoming EP, The Beast That Prays. No word on an exact release date from these progressive thrashers but you can count on two things: 1) I’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date on any and all information regarding this release. 2) This EP is going to rule. I mean, it’s Testimony!

Testimony – The Best The Prays

The Greek thrashers known as Bio-Cancer have been hard at work on a new album. This past holiday season the band finally gave us a glimpse of what to expect by releasing the artwork for their sophomore album. If the material on Tormenting The Innocent is as brutal as the cover, we’re all in for a treat. Guess what? According to a statement on the Bio-Cancer Facebook page we’re all getting treats. “Expect nothing but cut throating, ultra fast paced songs that will rip your head apart to say the least!!!” I don’t know about you but I personally can’t wait to have my throat cut and my head ripped apart! More details when they’re revealed!

Bio-Cancer – Tormenting The Innocent

You may remember reading about Acid Age as part of the “Your Daily Dose of Thrash” feature a couple of weeks ago. I personally love these self described hyper thrashers from Ireland and when the band released a few details about their second album, Drone Shark Ethics, this past Christmas I almost flipped! According to a post on the Acid Age Facebook page the band has revealed the album is being recorded at Start Together Studios in Belfast and the production will be handled by Niall Doran. According to Acid Age, Drone Shark Ethics will be faster and contain more songs than their previous album, Enter The Zomborg. Get pumped!

Acid Age – Drone Shark Ethics

After waiting for what seems like an eternity the release of Shrapnel’s much anticipated debut album, The Virus Conspires, is just around the corner. I mean literally just around the corner. February 3rd for the UK and Europe and a day later in the U.S. and Canada. Preorders are happening now and the album is already getting some great reviews. Still not convinced this album is going to rule? Then listen to a few tracks off the album here and here then preoder the album here or on iTunes. 

Shrapnel – The Virus Conspires

Sticking with the U.K. Quake have announced March 7th as the release date for their debut album Subsisto Novus Ordo Seclorum. The album will be available for purchase at shows and online and personally I can’t wait. Quake’s demo tracks are killer and I’m looking for this EP to surprise a lot of people. Mark your calendars.

Quake – Subsisto Novus Ordo Seclorum

Exmortus have been around for a while. Personally I’ve always felt these California thrashers never really got the respect they deserved. Last year however the band announced their signing to Prosthetic Records as well as a brand new album, Slave To The Sword. On February 4th the much anticipated third album from Exmortus will see the light of day. Listen to the albums title track and be sure to preorder the album here.

Exmortus – Slave To The Sword

I love Battery and you do too. You know why? The band is freakin’ incredible! This Danish four-piece writes some killer riffs that will surely wreck your neck and leave you starving for more. The bands debut album, Armed With Rage will be released through Punishment 18 Records on February 24th and will contain 11 tracks of fierce thrash metal. Plain and simple this album is going to rule so mark your calendars and prepare your neck!

Battery – Armed With Rage

The death thrashers known as Xpulsion are looking to release a new album however the band has had some difficulties gathering funds to record. As a result the band has started an IndieGoGo campaign. The band is only looking for $1,200 dollars and has already gathered $280 with 42 days left. Check out the campaign here and if you’re interested/able throw them a few bucks.

Sonic Pulse have been hard at work this past year working on their new album, The Breast of Both Worlds. Finally after what seems like forever the band as announced the release date for the much anticipated follow up to Lager Than Life. Grab a beer and ready your battle tits, this bad boy drops on June 12th.

Sonic Pulse – The Breast Of Both Worlds

Perhaps one of the biggest releases of 2014 is the one hardly anyone seems to be talking about. I’m talking about Hatriot’s second album Dawn Of The New Centurion. The bands debut album, Heroes of Origin was nothing short of fantastic. I think I speak for all of us when I say it was good to hear Zetro’s voice again on such a ripping album. Personally I can’t wait for this album, if it’s anything like Heroes.. look for Dawn Of The New Centurion to be a serious-album-of-the-year-contender. Hatriot’s new album drops February 21st via Massacre Records.

Hartiot – Dawn Of The New Centurian

Finally we have Chaos Over The U.K. the much talked about/hopefully equally anticipated compilation album focused on nothing but the killer underground U.K. thrash metal scene. This compilation will be released via…ummm me. Look for more details on this album in the coming weeks. This is just a friendly reminder to you all that this is very much still happening!

Global Thrash Assault – Chaos Over The UK

*Of course there are more albums that are being released in 2014, this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. I’m also equally positive that there are a few of you out there who are going to complain about an album or two that I didn’t include in this list. Instead of complaining drop me a line at Let me know about an album or albums that are coming out in 2014 and I’ll be sure to write about them!

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