GAS ATTACK and SONIC PULSE Announce U.S. Summer Tour Dates; Sonic Pulse Announce New Album!


It looks like Boston crossover thrashers Gas Attack are teaming up with Boston power thrashers Sonic Pulse for a Summer tour! This is pretty god damn epic for a couple of reasons:

1) Gas Attack are freaking amazing, especially live. Take it from someone who has seen the band live and in person, Gas Attack’s energy is like nothing I’ve ever witnessed. Not only did these punks destroy the stage (literally!) they destroyed everyone in the room (figuratively of course, but people were left pretty bruised). I’ve been dying to see the band live ever since but unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to do so. Trust me when I say, you don’t want to miss this band!

2) Sonic Pulse will not only be playing tracks off their debut album, Lager Than Life, they’ll also be playing tracks from the follow up album The Breast Of Both Worlds, which the band has announced will be released on June 12th. I repeat Sonic Pulse have announced June 12th as the release date for their sophomore album which also happens to be the first date of this tour. FUCKING EPIC!

Lets sum this whole thing up, shall we? Gas Attack are awesome and you’re definitely gonna want to see them live. Sonic Pulse are equally awesome and they have a new album coming out that corresponds with these tour dates and will be playing new material live. Still confused as to why you should check this tour out? If so get out. If you haven’t left yet check out the tour poster with dates below. More details on this tour as they’re released.

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