Right around the time I was putting together the Wreck Your Neck: Volume 2 compilation I received an email from a three piece band who called themselves Distillator. It should be noted I receive a lot of emails from bands around the world and if I’m being perfectly honest I have difficulties keeping track of them all. Distillator’s email got lost in the “traffic” for a few weeks until one day when I decided to skim through my inbox and re-read a few emails I didn’t quite pay attention to the first time around.

After reading Distillator’s email for a second time I learned something, two things in fact. 1) I really need to pay more attention to my inbox (sorry everyone!) and 2) Distillator are fucking fantastic!

I fell in love with this trio from the Netherlands. Almost immediately I sent off an email begging for the band to be apart of Wreck Your Neck: Volume 2. Obviously the band agreed and was kind enough to contribute the track “Bloody Assault” to the compilation, a near four minute track comprised of old-school riffing and intense battery making for a track that is as violent as the song title itself.


In fact everything about Distillator screams old-school, from the way they dress to the way they thrash you senseless. Based on the bands Facebook page, which says the band was “Found in 1986” and features a description that reads “Influenced by bands like Slayer and Destruction, these gentlemen will take you back to the 80’s thrash scene. On stage, dressed in spandex and shrouded in bullet belts, fast and tight thrash metal is presented in a way that is not easily forgotten.”, it’s clear Distillator wouldn’t have it any other way.

Don’t think for one second that these thrashers are just another young band ripping off their hero’s, slapping their own logo on the end result and then calling the whole thing their own. There’s much more to Distillator than their description lets on. Yeah, sure at times on the bands debut-three-track-self-titled EP it’s clear who Distillator’s influences are but this is overshadowed by just how good this band really is. And trust me when I say they’re damn good. In fact, everything about this bands debut release is damn good – the riffs, the drums, the vocals and even the production will blow your mind and remind you why you fell in love with thrash in the first place. The bottom line here is that Distillator writes some fantastic thrash metal that is just too good to ignore.

If you like what you just read then be sure to listen to and download Distillator’s EP for FREE on the bands ReverbNation page. Don’t forget to check out Distillator’s official website and Facebook Page for up-to-the-minute information about the band.

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