Today is the day. The day I’ve been hinting at for months. The day you’ve all been patiently waiting for. Today is the day Wreck Your Neck Volume 2 sees the light of day!

Before you I let you all spend the day destroying your necks I’d like to take a minute to thank a few people. First I want to give a shout out to Tom Martin of both Lich King and Tom Martin Art and Design for creating the killer artwork for this release. The mans work is top notch and he’s an all around chill dude that’s easy to work with. Hit him up and be sure to check out the on-going web comic series he drew up for Axe Cop!

To all the fans who read the blog, have sent me encouraging messages and emails and have kept this very Global Thrash Assault alive – THANK YOU! Your kind words and loyalty to this site have inspired me in ways you’ll never know and have restored my faith in humanity. It’s good to know there are so many people out there who not only enjoy what I do but enjoy thrash metal in general. Keep on supporting and I’ll keep on typing these words and spreading the gospel that is thrash metal the best I can!

Lastly to all 21 bands that have agreed to be apart of this compilation, I’m sorry to have made you wait for this release for as long as you have. At last I can say Wreck Your Neck Volume 2 is here and it would not have been possible without your participation. On behalf of myself and everyone who will enjoy this compilation, thank you for creating the music we all love. The endless hours that you all spend writing, recording, rehearsing and performing your music inspires us all. This compilation is a tribute to all 21 of you. I only hope it does the same for you as your music has done for me.

Now you’re just a few sentences away from viewing the track listing and being able to download the compilation. All the links you need to learn more about the participating bands have been provided for you below and can also be found in the information section of each track. Check out all the bands. I’m not asking you to, I’m telling you to. The whole purpose of this series of compilations is the expose killer bands from different parts of the world to new audiences in a way that YOU the fans can enjoy. If you don’t check out each of the bands this whole thing would be in vein. Don’t let all the hard work that has gone into this go up in smoke, CHECK OUT EACH OF THE BANDS!! Oh and tell your friends to do the same!

With that said, I proudly present to you all Wreck Your Neck: Volume 2!!

1) Sanity’s Rage – The Wheels Keep Grinding (website, Facebook)

2) Rezet – MadMen – (website, Facebook)

3) Entrace – Virtuality (Facebook)

4) Zafakon – Summoning The Vortex (Feat. JOEL GRIND) (Facebook)

5) Exarsis – Toxic Terror (Exarsis appear courtesy MDD Records) (website, Facebook)

6) Burning Nitrum – Turned To Ashes (Nothing Stands Still) (Facebook)

7) Paralyzer – Hellish Demise (Facebook)

8) Algebra – Polymorph (Facebook

9) Chemical Way – E.H.P.S.C.A (Facebook)

10) Nuclear Omnicide – Merciless Butcher (Facebook)

11) The Donner Party – Liven Risen (Facebook

12) Distillator – Bloody Assault (website, Facebook)

13) Kraptor – Damage Brain (Facebook, Twitter)

14) Fatal Mutiny – Hostile Vortex (Facebook)

15) Kuazar – The Truth Of Reality (Facebook)

16) Eternal Judgment – Fatal Virus (Facebook)

17) Conflagrator – Apocryphal Deluge (Facebook)

18) Mason – Warhead (Facebook)

19) Visceral Attack – FxTxNxSxBxM (Fuck The National Socialist Black Metal) (web, Facebook)

20) Prophecy – I4NI – (Facebook)

21) Smash Potater – In Buffet There Is No Law (Facebook)


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