If you’ve been paying attention than you know things are picking up here on Global Thrash Assault. The two week old “Your Daily Dose of Thrash” feature seems to be quite the hit and from the messages, comments and e-mails I’ve been receiving the new daily feature is turning people onto a lot of cool new bands they weren’t aware of before, which is great. That’s the whole reason I started the feature.

On Sunday I announced the Global Thrash Assault Podcast. A weekly feature coming early next yar where I’ll be playing killer thrash, conducting interviews with bands and other special guests, and more than likely sharing a thought or two about the music industry and other metal related things that come to mind.

Today I’m announcing not one but TWO new features to the expanding Global Thrash Assault blog.

First we have a new weekly feature entitled “Moshing Monday.” What’s Moshing Monday you ask? Allow me to explain:

I’ve always loved reading interviews where bands discuss their influences and share their thoughts on the music that has inspired them and helped shape their career. You don’t come across them often but when you do, they’re always an enjoyable read.

In the next few days I’ll be sending out what can only be described as a “shit ton of emails” to various bands throughout the world. In the emails I’ll be asking each band to share their thoughts on one of their favorite thrash metal albums. It could be an old school classic album from the ’80s or a new album that was just released, it doesn’t matter. What I’m looking for in this feature is simple:  I want the people playing the music we all love to tell us why they love the music we all love. I’m not looking for an essay on why a particular album is great, just a few sentences explaining why they love the album and how it has inspired them. In addition to sharing their thoughts on a killer album bands will be given the opportunity to promote something of their own. It could be a new album, an upcoming gig, a tour or whatever else the band has going on.

Moshing Monday will obviously take place every Monday. I’m hoping to have the new weekly feature launched by the end of the year, it’s just a matter of getting bands to respond. I don’t want to start what’s supposed to be a weekly feature and then have to skip a week because I couldn’t get bands to respond in time. The idea is to get a few of these piled up before I launch this. Again I’m hoping to have this up and running by years end.

The second feature isn’t a weekly feature, it’s more of “when you see it you see it” kind of feature but I’m hoping you see it quite often.

I’ve always been a fan of album covers. I know I’m not the only one who stares at the artwork of a CD or vinyl when I buy it. If you’re like me than you always wanted to know more about the artist who created these magnificent pieces of eye candy. How did this person get into art? What inspires this artist? How does he/she do it?

I feel the masterminds behind the album covers don’t ever get the attention they deserve. Artist Spotlight aims to change that by highlighting the work of a different artist in each installment. An example of the persons work, contact information and any online resources will be provided for you to explore in addition to a small interview with the artist where I ask the above questions and various others as well.

As I said earlier, I feel artists don’t get the proper attention they deserve and with this new feature I hope the change that. Again I don’t know how often this feature will appear but I’m hoping to have it pop up at least once a month but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

One last thing. Recently I was approached by the Italian thrashers, Sofisticator, to co produce a vinyl release of their debut album Camping The Vein. I was excited and honored to have been asked and naturally I agreed to take part. The band recently sent me my copies of the record and they both look and sound great. The black and green vinyls are currently up for sale on the Global Thrash Assault BigCartel page. Helping bands release their music has been a dream of mine for a while and I hope to do it more often. In order for this to happen though I need your support. If you’re in to spinning records buy yours today!

With that said, what do you think of the new features?

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