If you follow Global Thrash Assault on Facebook and Twitter than you already know about this announcement. However if you’re not on social media this is news to you, good news I’m hoping!

Starting next year Global Thrash Assault will be entering the realm of weekly podcasting! Now I know what a lot of you are thinking: “there’s a million podcasts out there, why do we need another one blah blah blah..” Before you jump all over me, hear me out.

I’m well aware there a million podcasts out there. However if you’re like me than you have a hard time listening to them. With the exception of the High Speed Hangover Podcast (which you NEED to be listening to every week) I’ve honestly never been able to listen to more than the first 20 minutes of a say 60 minute podcast. Most of the time I find the banter in between songs annoying and there are times where I don’t enjoy the music that the people running the podcast decide to play.

Please don’t misunderstand me here, I’m not trying to insult anyone with the above paragraph. If I’m coming across that way, my apologies. Anyone who takes time out of their schedule to support the scene in any way, shape or form is doing great work and should be praised for all the time and effort they put in.

What I am trying to say is this: I’m starting the Global Thrash Assault Podcast to promote the music I love in a way that I think people will enjoy. Starting next year I’ll be playing killer tunes, conducting interviews with bands, fellow bloggers, promoters and owners of small indie labels, and who knows what else on a weekly basis.

As I said the Global Thrash Assault Podcast will start sometime early next year. I’m currently looking into hosting, getting the thing up on iTunes and the other details needed for running a podcast. Like always I’m open to suggestions so if you have any post them in the comments below.

More details as they emerge! Don’t forget, Wreck Your Neck Volume 2 will be release THIS FRIDAY!!

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