The internet is a wonderful thing. You can find the answer to any question you can possibly think of with a quick and simple search. Because of the internet, people discover new and exciting things on a daily basis all while sitting at a desk and starring at a screen from the comfort of their own home. Personally I find myself starring at a screen for far too many hours in a week. To be honest, I’m kind of obsessed. Just when I think my obsession is getting the best of me and I should actually get up and do something with my life I discover something that makes all the hours spent trolling about various websites pay off in a big way. My latest “pay off” was the discovery of Dallas thrashers, Power Trip.

I’m not sure exactly when (or how for that matter) I discovered the southern thrashers but I’d wager a rather large sum of money it was during the late night hours when I should have been sleeping for the long day ahead but decided getting my fix of thrash was far more important than the recommended eight hours. Sleep is over rated anyway, especially when there’s a band as good as Power Trip out there I could be listening to.
Formed in 2008, this five piece plays a style of crossover like no other, combining sludge, doom, and of course thrash in a manner that is nothing short of fantastic. “Steel, Speed and Destruction” is how Power Trip describes themselves on their Facebook page. I’m going to go on record and say they should add the words “addicting, uncompromising and totally original” to that description. 
The band really shines on their debut album, Manifest Decimation, which was released earlier this year on Southern Lord Recordings. A contender for “Album of the Year,” Manifest Decimation is an assault to the senses that will have you hitting the replay button over and over again. The albums infectious riffs and thunderous drumming will make your head bang whether you want it to or not and the tortured screams by vocalist Riley Gale will cause your pulse to race and adrenaline to flow through your veins. The fact that this band isn’t receiving more attention for their work is enough to make this bloggers blood boil. The band has everything you could ever ask for and are definitely worth checking out. They’re great in every conceivable way. If you like raw, catchy and downright brutal music, Power Trip have one hell of an album for you!
As I mentioned before, Power Trip’s spectacular debut album is available now through Southern Lord Recordings. Be sure to get your copy here or if you prefer digital you can download the album from the bands official BandCamp page at this location. Power Trip are currently touring the US and will be invading Europe starting next month. Check the band out on Facebook for tour dates and up to the minute information regarding all things Power Trip.

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