New Jersey Thrashers, CONDITION CRITICAL, Announce Appearance At Germany’s HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 2014; European Tour To Follow.

Condition Critical have been violently thrashing about since late 2010. In less than three years the New Jersey thrashers have gone from virtually unknown to an underground thrash metal sensation. You’re probably asking yourself “how is that possible?” To be honest I’m amazed how quickly things took off for the young thrashers myself. Amazed, but not the least bit surprised.

Since their inception Condition Critical have been hard at work completely committing themselves to their craft. Writing brutal music and slaying audiences with their mind blowing live show (which I was able to witness first hand at Lich King’s CD release show last year) is part of this bands DNA and it’s why this band is so damn good. Let me put it this way: Condition Critical are like a boulder rolling down a never ending hill, you can’t stop them so either join the mayhem or get the hell out of their way.

This past year has been without-a-doubt the most successful in Condition Critical’s young career. The band signed a deal with Burned By God Records, released their much anticipated debut album, Operational Hazard, and just recently finished a tour of the United States with Chicago thrashers Killing Session and Insinnerator. You would think after such a busy year the band would be looking to take a break. Instead however these young guns are already getting a jump on things for 2014.

This past Friday (October 18th) Condition Critical made what could arguably be their biggest announcement yet – an appearance at Germany’s Headbangers Open Air 2014. You read that right. Some of the Garden States finest are invading Europe this upcoming July 24th through the 26th along side bands like Xentrix and Paradox, to name a few!

Condition Critical’s European invasion doesn’t just end with one show. In fact that’s just the beginning. The band has announced via their Facebook page that a three week European tour will follow their appearance at Headbangers Open Air.

Did you hear that Europe? Condition Critical will be thrashing you senseless this summer. Prepare yourselves, things are going to get crazy!

The tour is currently being booked as I type this and when more information is revealed I’ll be sure to bring it to you. Until such time be sure to check out Condition Critical over on their official website and Facebook page and don’t forget to pick up your copy of the bands spectacular debut album, Operational Hazard, at this location.

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