What’s Up With Global Thrash Assault?

Man, I’ve totally forgot how to write one of these it’s been so long. I know I say it a lot but that changes soon, seriously, I’m not kidding. You’re gonna get hit with so many posts you’re gonna have to call in sick to read them all. I’m not kidding. 

Honestly, I feel terrible about my lack of activity. I’ve gone from writing everyday to hardly writing at all and for that I’m sorry. I truly am. To all the bands, labels, managers and of course readers you have not been forgotten. Global Thrash Assault is still here and it’s going to get a lot bigger very soon, that I promise you!
However a simple apology doesn’t make up for my lack of activity. No. You all deserve better than that. What you deserve is a new compilation that can be downloaded for free. How does WRECK YOUR NECK: VOLUME 2 sound too you?
That’s right people, Wreck Your Neck Volume 2 is upon us. By the end of the summer you’ll all be downloading and banging your head to a brand new compilation that features 20-25 killer thrash bands from around the world and some sick artwork done by the mighty Tom Martin of Lich King and Tom Martin Art and Design. 

Before I show you all the artwork for W.Y.N.V.2. (as it has become known as) let’s get into some other bits of news, shall we? 
There’s still the matter of the Chaos Over The U.K. Compilation. Fear not, this is still happening. Since this is a compilation focusing on an entire country’s thrash metal scene I want it to be special, rather than make it a free digital download I fully intend to have copies of this compilation pressed. I’m putting the finishing touches on a contact right now. I must reiterate, I am not after anyone’s money with this. There will be no fee to be a featured band on this compilation and each band will receive a limited amount of copies to sell on their own, the profits they make from sales of the compilation are there’s to keep. Those who have been contacted already shall receive an email later this week containing all the details. We’re almost there my friends, trust me when I say it will be worth the wait.
Global Thrash Assault Radio. I don’t know about you but I still very much love the idea of it. I have to admit though, I’ve been slacking on keeping the station updated. Fear not, this shall also change. I fully attend to update the station on a daily basis. G.T.A.R. shall feature a killer mix of old school and new school thrash metal bands available to stream 24/7 365 days a year. I’m not the only one out there who wants to hear what bands are doing nowadays. If you’re in a thrash band and you want your music streamed on Global Thrash Assault Radio then feel free to submit a track to globalthrashassault [@] gmail [.] com . 
Some of you may remember reading about my intentions to start Global Thrash Assault Records & Distro. Trust me, I’m closer to launching this than I’ve ever been but please keep in mind, this is no easy task. A lot of work is happening behind the scenes that I’m not able to discuss at the moment but trust me, it’s all looking good. When I know more you’ll know more. 
Does that all sound good to you? I sure hope so. However if you’re disappointed with what I had to say hopefully this amazing artwork for Wreck Your Neck: Volume 2 will help lift your spirits. I’m not gonna lie, this is one of my favorite pieces that Tom Martin has ever done. If you thought the art of Volume 1 and Chaos Over The U.K. were good just wait till you see this. Tom and I were on the same wave length, the man knew exactly what I wanted and he knocked it out of the park. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it many more times, if you’re in a band and you need a logo or some artwork done Tom is the man for you. He’s easy to work with and he does fantastic work. Hit him up.
Now, without further ado I proudly present to you all the amazing artwork for Wreck Your Neck Volume 2!

This bad boy drops later this sumer. If you’re impressed now, just wait!

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