I’ve done a few interviews in the past here on Global Thrash Assault, in fact I have a few more on the way. Personally I think interviews are a great way to connect bands with their fans. However when reading interviews in the past the problem I’ve always had is that the questions asked aren’t always the questions I wanted to have answered. I can’t be the only one who’s ever had this problem, right? I also can’t be the only one who has questions for their favorite bands either, right? Right.

As most of you already know the UK thrashers D.A.M. have reunited and recently reissued their two full length albums, Human Wreckage and Inside Out, through Tribunal Records. Now I know I’m not the only one with questions about all this so I’m giving you, the loyal readers and fans, the opportunity to ask the questions! 
Have a question for D.A.M? Here’s what you need to do:
E-mail your questions to
Be sure to make the subject of the email D.A.M INTERVIEW.
I’m looking for serious questions only. Please don’t waste anyones time by asking something stupid like “do you believe in unicorns?” or “what’s your favorite day of the week?” This is a killer thrash band from the 80s who have just reformed, I think you can come up with some good questions to ask!
PLEASE NOTE: You can submit as many questions as you’d like but not all questions will be used for the interview. Only the best questions will find themselves in front of the band to be answered.
You have until next April 1st to submit your questions so get asking, people!

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    • We have some un-finshed business we feel, with regards to the un-released material from 1991-93. Plus what we will write new. The Re-issues are to a new generation and are getting good feedback.

  1. Why are you getting back together now? Inspired by the thrash revival? Influenced by the local scene in your city or in Germany? Or simply a consequence of settling down in your lives and having time to re-take on your old passion?

  2. Are you planning to record a new album now or you are going to play some gigs to get some inspiration from live shows first?

    • At the moment, we are considering both. we have to wait for Andy Elliot (Bass)to recover from his nasty accident.We have some possible shows later in the year with a confirmation at next years Full Thrash Assault next year.

    • Yes, we understand about the Old School attitude. Inside Out was the beginning of experimenting and growing as a band with our writing. You’ll hear more progression with the next LP.But still the Hard & Clear Riffs & Words.

  3. We know that humans evolve and mature but most thrashers out there hope that you decide to record new music, you will go back to your roots and bring the Human Wreckage sound back, Comments about that?

    • Yes, we can only see where the writing takes us. The main point will be the Riffs & The Voice will always be D A M. You should be able to listen to us without knowing and say “Thats D A M”. m/

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