Thrash Metal Madness officially begins tomorrow! I don’t know about all of you but I’m pretty excited about the whole thing! 64 KILLER bands from around the world battling it out over a 6 week period the winner earns a spot on Wreck Your Neck Volume 2!

Before we begin allow me to explain how voting will work:
The question of whether to have unlimited voting or one vote per person was something that literally kept me up at night. As a result I have deiced to find a nice middle ground. One vote per day, per person. 
After searching the internet for the best possible poll generator and weighing the (insane number of) options I have decided to use Pollcode.com for the voting. Each bracket will receive it’s own poll so fans will be able to vote in each of the 32 different brackets. 
Each poll will look like this:
Band A V. Band B
pollcode.com free polls

Since a lot of the bands who are competing wrote emails saying if they win they would like to “feature a new track of their upcoming EP which they are recording now/in a few weeks/ later this year” I have decided to provide links to all the bands websites/Facebook pages. This way fans who are voting can click each link and read about each band and listen to their music.

Voting will start tomorrow at 12PM EST and will continue until 12PM EST Sunday March 24th. Soon after voting ends the results will be posted and voting for the next round will begin.

I understand every band is trying to win a spot on the next compilation but the fact is we’re all thrashers here. Promote the hell of out of this competition and try to get the most votes but also encourage your fans to check out the other bands. The whole purpose of this competition is to give bands exposure to fans around the world in a way that is fun for everyone. The fact is only one band will be victorious but if all the bands promote this competition then the reality is everyone wins!


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