INTERVIEW: Intalian Thrashers GAME OVER Discuss Their Early Beginnings, Their Debut Album, Future Plans And The Italian Thrash Scene!!

As you all know I’m a huge supporter of the Italian thrash metal scene, the amount of talent coming from this country is absolutely mind blowing! Perhaps one of the most impressive bands (and a personal favorite of mine) are Game Over. The band just wrapped up a successful 2012 which saw the release of their critically acclaimed debut album For Humanity, a mini tour of Europe and an invitation to play Headbangers Open Air! Like most fans of Game Over I was curious to know what the band has in store for us in 2013 so I decided to shot them a few questions and like the fine gentlemen they are the band answered with great detail, enjoy!

GLOBAL THRASH ASSAULT: First off I’d like to take a minute to thank you for taking time out of your day to answer a few questions for me, it’s much appreciated!

GAME OVER: Hello everybody! We are proud to be interviewed by this webzine!

So you guys have been around since 2008, tell me, how did it all start?

Yeah, the band formed in the summer of 2008 thanks to Reno, Ziro and Sanso. In the early days Sanso was playing Heavy metal covers in another band called Dark Think, Ziro was coming out from an experience with another metal band and Reno was playing with an other great Heavy Metal band of our town called Asgard, but he was looking for a Thrash metal project. We all hung out the same filthy rehearsal room of our city and with another friend, Med, we decided to put up this band. Our passion was (and still is) Thrash Metal so the choice about what shall be the music to play was easy.

In 2009 you guys released a demo and just a few months later you released your first EP, Heavy Damage. Walk me through the writing process of these releases. Was it a collaborative effort or did one person write the music?

Our first demo was recorded with no budget. We have been “guinea pigs” for a friend who bought a standard recording set and he decided to test it on us recording our songs in the rehearsal room! Our first EP, released few months later, instead was recorded in a real recording studio of a friend of us. In fact, as you can hear, the sound quality on Heavy Damage it’s not perfect but it’s better than the sound quality on our first demo. About the songs writing; generally one of us shows off a riff (or some riffs) and we work together to build a song around the riff but the work is collective. Following this working way, everyone of us can give a contribution to the song.

Speaking of Heavy Damage, I hear you guys are re-releasing the album in limited quantities. Will it also be released digitally or will it only be available on CD? If so how can people go about getting their hands on a copy? 

Yeah, on 13rd of February we decided to re-release “Heavy Damage” thanks to continuous requests (expecially from Japan)!!! The copies available were 125 and at the moment remain around twenty copies, maybe less. If someone wishes to buy a “Heavy Damage” copy you must write us an e-mail at the following address: Tell us that you would like to purchase a copy of our EP. Be quick! They are near to sold out!!! About the digital version, I think that in future we could put it on iTunes like our full length ”For Humanity”. Actually everyone can listen every songs from “…Damage” on Youtube and probably it can be downloaded from some websites. However, follow the news on our Facebook page, we will keep you updated! 
In 2011 you guys signed with “My Graveyard Productions”, how did this record deal come to be? Did you contact them or was it the other way around?
The record deal was proposed by My Graveyard Productions, when Giuliano Mazzardi (the Boss of M.G.P.) asked us to record a full length for his label. Other labels asked us to record our first album for them but we choose My Graveyard because it treats its bands in a very good way and it gives great support to each band of its rooster with options that other underground labels don’t give.

In the summer of 2011 you guys finally entered the studio to record the first Game Over album, For Humanity. How was the writing process different on For Humanity than your earlier material?

The writing process was still the same as for the earlier material (we write the songs all together), in fact tracks like Tupa Tupa Or Die or Dawn Of The Dead are present also on the first two releases. I can say that our writing process has grown up. I mean, we tried to write strong but catchy songs without using foregone structures, everything without losing the “In-your-face” approach.

In January of 2012 you guys released For Humanity and let me just say it’s a killer album, but I’m curious, how was the album received by fans and the media? 

Thank you so much for your good words about our album! We are happy you enjoyed it! Thanks god the album gets great responses by media and fans and thanks these good responses we got the opportunity to play all around Italy in many festivals, to do a little tour in Europe with our label mates Asgard and to be confirmed at the edition of Headbangers Open Air of this year supporting band such as Overkill, Metal Church, Vicious Rumors and other great metal legends…  Furthermore, “For Humanity” entered in many “top 10 best Thrash metal album of 2012” near albums like “Electric Age” by Overkill or Testament’s “Dark Roots Of Earth” in many websites (like yours) and Magazines like Metal Maniac. We are proud of our debut!

Listening to your music it’s clear you guys are heavily influenced by the Bay Area thrash scene, tell me, what bands inspire Game Over the most?

Exactly, we love the Bay Area thrash scene. It’s, in my opinion, the most powerful kind of Thrash music. Here in Italy most of the bands are influenced by European Thrash bands that, generally, are faster and noisier than American Thrash bands. I think this is a point in our favour that helps us to differentiate ourselves a little from the Italian underground cauldron. Clearly we are influenced by great names such as Megadeth, Death Angel, Exodus, Anthrax, Nuclear Assault and bla, bla, bla, bla…. I can say an infinity of other legendary names but despite these influences, WE TRY to give a custom touch to our songs.

After For Humanity was released Game Over played a ton of shows in Italy and even did a mini tour of Belgium, Netherlands and Austria to promote the album. What was the experience like? Did you guys get a good reaction from the crowd during those shows? Any good stories you want to share?
The mini tour has been a great experience. We had the opportunity relate with the European audience after three years locked within the borders of our nation. First of all we noticed that underground bands like us are treated with regards. In fact promoters and live clubs paid us dinner, a small cachet for fuel and a place to sleep!!! Here in Italy promoters turn up their nose if you ask something like that! In addition I was pleasantly surprised to see that a lot of headbangers enjoyed the show even singing our songs. I can tell you that there is nothing more beautiful than to see people you’ve seen singing your songs!
2012 has been a great year, we hope to repeat with this 2013, maybe conquering the world!

I’m sure your fans are dying to know, is there a Game Over tour planned for the near future?

During this summer we will tour with our friends Asgard some places in Europe, but we have to organize everything. Maybe we will organize other tours by our own but nothing is certain now, so all I can tell you is STAY TUNED GUYS!   

You guys are playing Headbangers Open Air this year along with Metal Church and Overkill. I can imagine this is a dream come true for you guys, how excited are you for the festival?

Clearly playing with band such as Metal Church, Overkill but also Vicious Rumors, Demon, Praying Mantis, Blood Feast, Savage, Muro is the dream of a lot of headbangers who play in a band and it doesn’t happens every day! In our case this dream has become truth and we will do our best to make a good impression on those who come to a festival so resounding, probably one of the best True Heavy Metal Festivals in the whole Europe, clearly without forget “Bang Your Head Festival” and “Keep It True festival”!

Will you come?;-)

Right now you guys are working on a new album. How are things coming along?

Yes, we are working hard on the new songs. There are seven songs ready and some ideas for the next ones. Something will be fixed but the writing process is going very well and we are proud of the new comers; we hope you will appreciate them too! The recording session of the new album will start this summer.

Is the writing process for this release any different then it has been in the past?

I think that the new songs are much powerful and stronger than the ones present on “For Humanity”. In the new tracks we used new solutions that in our first album you can’t find. You’ll see, you’ll see! The writing process it’s all the same: it’s a collective work.

I’m dying to know, what can fans expect to hear on the new Game Over album? 

We decided to follow another direction with these new tracks. As I said before, we are looking for new solutions for our songs. When the album will come out, you will hear a lot of influences, from the folkloristic Italian music in the vein of the “Oh, Mia Bela Madunina” (a real hit-song, we advise you to listen it!), progressive elements that range from jazz to pop and electronic music, and a bit of Oriental music. Also the length of our new tracks is changed. Now our songs last around 20 minutes.

Is there a release date for the new album or is that still to be determined? 

We will enter the studio to start the recording session of the new album in August so during next autumn/winter the new album will be released. Be ready to an healthy dose of Thrash Metal made in Game Over that will bring you to the nearest hospital!!

Shifting gears now, you guys are from Italy which also home to a ton of great bands. What’s it like to be part of such a thriving scene?
There are two sides of a coin about this topic. The scene in Italy is alive and I think it could rival with the other European scenes with deserving bands. But the Italian scene needs more aggregation. In fact here in Italy there’s a scene in Turin, there is a scene in Milan, there is a scene in Genoa, in Padua, in Venice and in other Italian regions and cities with a lot of heavy metal fans. But there isn’t a “National Scene”. So our scene isn’t compact. Yeah, sometimes someone of the Milan’s scene goes to a concert in Venice, but these are rare cases. Don’t misunderstand me, we play in Italy since 4 years and this scene is our family and for us is an honour being part of it… but something better change if we want a stronger scene.

What are some Italian thrash bands people should be listening too?

Well, here’s a list of the main Italian Thrash Metal band of the past and actual scene:

Bulldozer: one of the first European and Worldwide Thrash Metal bands (active from 1980). I think that a lot of Thrash maniacs know them!
Broken Glazz: great Thrash in the vein of Mordred, they get a bit of notoriety during the 80s
Headcrasher: a great speed/thrash band from the 80s. Go to listen their album “Nothing Will Remain”
In.Si.Dia: thrash metal band born in the 90s, they broke up too much early
Asgard: our great friends, they don’t play thrash metal but listen to them!
National Suicide: they did a great album in 2009 but they don’t play since long time
Death Mechanism: if you like Sadus you will love them too!
Hyades: one of the most known Italian bands of the new Thrash Metal movement.
Endovein: a technical thrash metal band from Turin. Very particular!
Injury and Mad Maze: I advise these bands for those who loves modern Exodus and Testament.

Thanks again for taking some time out to answer a few questions, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans before you go?

Thanks to you, Chad, and to your Global Thrash Assault for giving us this space! Thanks to all our supporters all around the world and, if you can, come to see our shows and we will not let you down!
For more questions, orders, infos about our shows or everything else, check out our facebook page (
Our target is only one: conquer the world and the whole galaxy!
Keep on thrashing and be ready to feel Game Over’s fist!
See you, maniacs!

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