DECIBEL HAMMER Hit The Nail On The Head!

It’s been a long time since I wrote about a killer band, for this I must apologize, My attention has been shifted else where. With that said I’m finally breaking the silence and personally I can’t think of a more appropriate way to do so than with Finland’s very own monsters of death/thrash, Decibel Hammer!


Formed in the city of Tampere in 2011 Decibel Hammer may be less then two years old but this three piece has made significant strides in their short time together releasing two demos – 2011’s “Life After The Nuclear Winter” and 2012’s “Release The Havoc,” both which gained the band much popularity in their local metal scene. Fast forward a bit to the present (2013 in case you didn’t know!) and the mighty Decibel Hammer has turned their attention to world domination with the release of their first EP, Culture Of Extermination.

Any band looking to rise in popularity should take notes because albums like Culture of Extermination are exactly how you get peoples attention! It’s amazing how such a young band like Decibel Hammer can sound like such seasoned vets. Everything about this release kicks ass! From the killer production to the gnarly black-metal-like vocals. You will literally lose all control as Decibel Hammer deliver riff after fantastic riff and pummel you relentlessly with blast beats and a double bass drum assault so fast it’s mind boggling! The only real complaint one should have with Culture of Extermination is the fact that it’s not longer coming in at just six track and under 20 minutes. However music like this is as addicting as it is brutal and will provide listeners with countless hours of enjoyment. To put it simply Culture of Extermination should be considered Decibel Hammer’s first step towards world domination.

For all things Decibel Hammer related check the band out on Facebook and be sure to download Culture of Extermination from the bands official BandCamp page!  

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