The month of March is right around the corner which means two things: the start of “March Madness” and the end of me watching SportsCenter for an entire month. In case you don’t know, March Madness is basically a huge college basketball tournament that sees an ungodly amount of basketball teams competing with one another to crown a National Champion. I have to say if I were a basketball fan I wouldn’t leave the comfort of my sofa for an entire month. However I’m not a basketball fan. In fact I usually spend the month of March counting down the days to the start of football season. This year however I figured I would do something a little more proactive and throw a tournament of my own. A thrash metal tournament!

So here’s the deal: 
The tournament, which has been dubbed Thrash Metal Madness, is going to be held just like the March Madness tournament. It will feature a bunch of thrash bands competing for one prize – the first spot on Wreck Your Neck Volume 2! 

  • I’m looking for 32 thrash metal bands to take part in this. However it may end up with as little as 16 or as many as 64 based on the amount of interested bands. 
  • The tournament will be held in a bracket style just like March Madness. In the interest of fairness bands will be drawn at random during a video that will be posted on YouTube for all to see. 
  • Once the brackets are decided fans will have one week to vote for the bands they want to see advance into the next round. Participating bands can promote the contest on their own in order to gain as many votes as they can, I just ask that you keep it civil, no bad mouthing the band you’re up against or anything like that. This will continue until there is only one band left. The winner will be rewarded the first spot on Wreck Your Neck Volume 2!
  • In the interest of promoting as many bands as possible (which is the whole point of the Wreck Your Neck series) bands who were featured on Volume 1 will not be able to participate in this competition. I know that may seem unfair to some but if a previously featured band wins the competition therefore earning a spot on Volume 2 it will look like I’m featuring the same bands over and over again and people will loose interest. I hope everyone understands!
  • You must be a band that plays thrash metal or a sub-genre of thrash metal to partake in this competition. I know that sounds like a given but you’d be surprised how many deathcore bands contact me.
The drawings will be held sometime next week and voting will begin on Sunday February 24th. Bands who are interested should email me at:
With that said, do I have any takers?

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