Annoucement Time!

For the last several weeks I have been dropping hints about a “big announcement” over on the Global Thrash Assault Facebook Page and I guess it’s time to stop teasing you all and just tell you what I have been planning this entire time.

If you haven’t figured it out by now I’m pretty damn passionate about all things thrash metal. The whole reason I started this blog was to share my passion with people who are equally passionate about thrash and to discover as many new bands as possible. What I thought would only last a few weeks has become a full time hobby of mine and quite honestly I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Global Thrash Assault has grown beyond my wildest imagination with the launch of Global Thrash Assault Radio and the Wreck Your Neck series. My passion for thrash is unwavering and I’m determined to do whatever I can to help thrash bands reach new audiences and continue their dreams.

With that said I think it’s time to finally reveal my big plans. The year 2013 will see the launch of Global Thrash Assault Records & Distro; a DIY oriented label where I cover the cost of pressing and artwork and handle the promotion aspects of releasing an album. Pressings will be limited to 1,000 copies, 500 for the band and 500 to be sold in the Global Thrash Assault Distro or sold to other distributors. What ever profit the band makes from selling their 500 copies is theirs to keep.

To get things started I’ll be launching a brand new 7″ split series which will feature two bands from different parts of the world and will be limited to 500 copies total. Each band contributes one or two tracks (depending on track length) and will receive 100 copies each to sell on their own and pocket 100% of the profits. The other 300 copies will remain with me where they will be sold in the Global Thrash Assault Distro or sold to other distributors in order to cover the cost of artwork and pressing.

Although things are still in the beginning phases it’s my goal to have the label and distro launched sometime by years end. More details will be released as they unfold so be on the look out!

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