Nothing beats the atmosphere of a live show. Meeting new people while drinking a few cold ones and banging my head to some great music is something I hold near and dear to my heart and personally I try to get out to as many of these events as possible – no matter the distance. My latest journey took me to Florence Massachusetts to a little bar know as Silk City Taproom where I was lucky enough to witness the Sonic Pulse/Six In Line Tour Kick Off Party. I gotta say I had a great time. Sonic Pulse blew me away with their high speed shred and Six In Line were nothing short of great! Equally impressive that night where local death monsters Krakatoa and the opening thrash act Black Mass, whose set had myself and Sonic Pulse shredder Dave Carlino pumping our fist in approval.

BLACK MASS At Silk City.

A few days after attending what was an awesome show my thirst for all things thrash needed quenching. I was craving something new and I was desperate to find it, then it hit me. BLACK MASS! I frantically began my search for the very band that kicked my ass just a few days ago and when I finally found the band on Facebook I was more excited than a little kid on Christmas morning!

Reading through the bands “Biography” I was impressed to learn that Black Mass have only been around since May of 2012 and that the band has already recorded their debut full length and are planning an East Coast tour this coming Spring. Let’s think about this for a second. Black Mass haven’t even been around for a year and they’ve already accomplished more then most bands do in three and they’ve done it all by themselves. Holy shit, that’s impressive!

Equally impressive is the bands music. Black Mass have set out to “bring back the true thrash metal sound” and after listening to a few of the bands tracks and seeing them play live I have no problem saying that Black Mass play true thrash metal and they play it extraordinarily well. To be honest I have a hard time believing this band has only been around since May of last year. Probably because the members of Black Mass deliver loads of tasty riffs and provide plenty of mind boggling shred while pummeling you senseless with a vicious drum assault. Perhaps the most impressive thing of all is just how good the music sounds when it all comes together. Again, I can’t believe these guys have been around for less than a year!

It may be early on in their career but if Black Mass keep this up they may very well be the next big thing. The band has the ambition to take things to “the next level” and once you listen to their music you’ll certainly agree they have the talent.

For up to the minute information on Black Mass be sure to check the band out on Facebook and do yourself a favor by heading over to the bands BandCamp Page and download the three demo tracks off the upcoming Black Mass album, The Second Coming!

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