Bang Your Head To ATOMIC HEAD!

South America has a booming thrash metal scene that I honestly haven’t paid enough attention to. Take for example the Chilean thrashers Atomic Head who’ve been thrashing and slashing since 2005 when Sebastian Galindo formed the band. However things haven’t always been “sunshine and rainbows” for Atomic Head. Since its inception the band has been plagued with more line-up changes then one could count but despite it all Atomic Head continued on and even managed to release a killer EP back in 2007.


Inspired by the Bay Area greats of the 1980’s Atomic Head deliver pure unadulterated thrash that will have headbangers every where throwing up the horns in approval. The band will have you lacing up your high tops as they deliver riff after bad ass riff and will pummel you senseless with an aggressive drum assault. The fun doesn’t end there though, in fact it’s only beginning! Atomic Head will have you screaming their lyrics until your voice is raw and hoarse and the bands high octane solos are both face melting and mind blowing. Simply put, Atomic Head encompass everything that makes thrash metal so damn good and if you’re not listening to them you’re not doing yourself any favors.

If this all sounds like your cup of tea then do yourself a favor and check the band out on their official website and be sure to give them a “like” on Facebook too!

Atomic Head are currently putting the finishing touches on their debut full length album entitled March Of The Urban Zombies which is slated for a March release.

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  1. This is fuckin awesome!! thank you a lot for sharing this… we’re open of course for any reviews you guys would like to do and of course we’ll send you some free sample mp3s of our upcoming album!!

    cheers!! thanks for helping keeping the metal alive!!

    ATOMIC HEAD !!!!!!!

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