GAMA BOMB To Release New Album – ‘The Terror Tapes’ – Via AFM Records This April!

Good news everyone! Gama Bomb are releasing their new album this April!

FINALLY!! Four years since releasing Tales From The Grave In Space, Gama Bomb are storming back onto the scene with a new line-up, a new label and most important of all; a new album!

The Terror Tapes will finally see the light of day this April when the highly anticipated album drops via AFM Records. Check out what vocalist Philly Byrne had to say about the bands upcoming album below.

“I think this album’s really going to shock people,” says singer Philly Byrne. “We’re not afraid to write brash, outrageous songs that will make people stand up and shout. There are some straight-up classics on this album and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

“It’s been a long road to bring The Terror Tapes to life,” he adds. “I had throat surgery, Domo had a tendon injury, we changed our lineup, we recorded without a label, did it all the hard way. We worked hard and got through and made a great album which we’re proud to be releasing with such great guys as AFM, who really believe in what we’re doing. We’ve spent long enough in the shadows; now we’re ready to re-emerge.”

Release dates for The Terror Tapes are:

April 19th – Europe
April 22nd – UK
April 23rd – USA

More information as it’s revealed!

VIA Metal Hammer UK

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