NUCLEAR OMNICIDE Release Artwork For Debut Album “The Presence Of Evil”

Apparently I’ve been living under a rather large rock because the mighty Nuclear Omnicide revealed the artwork for their upcoming album – The Presence Of Evil – a few weeks ago and I’m just now finding out!

As some of you may know I can’t get enough of Nuclear Omnicide. These Finnish death thrashers blew me away the first time I heard them and when I discovered they inked a deal with EBM Records to release their debut album I almost had a heart attack due to excitement.

My anticipation for The Presence Of Evil has grown substantially throughout these past months, especially as the band unveiled the albums track listing and gave us all a preview of whats to come by releasing a few new tunes – all of which were killer. Now, after what seems like an eternity of waiting, Nuclear Omncide has finally revealed what this album is going to look like. 

Artwork by Andrei Bouzikov

Pretty sweet, huh? Even better is the fact that Nuclear Omnicide’s music is just as brutal as the above artwork so once you’re done staring at the masterpiece above be sure to check the band out at this location!

The Presence Of Evil Tracklisting:

01. Blood Currency
02. Biotech
03. Unleash Yourself
04. Dedication Your Life For Nothing
05. Nuclear Omnicide
06. Lethal Obsession
07. Worthless
08. Mr. Rabbit
09. Koodinimi: Koskenkorva
10. The Presence Of Evil

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