Bang Your Head To Some New DEATH HEAD!

It’s no secret I love the UK thrash scene. Some might even say I’m in love with the UK thrash scene and to be honest they might be right. I mean what’s not to love? There’s a tremendous amount of talent scattered throughout this tiny Island in the Northern Atlantic and a killer new act seems to pop up on my radar almost every day! Take for example Gosport thrashers Death Head who I’ve been keeping a close eye on since last March when Desolator frontman Jamie turned me onto the group.

Formed in 2009 by main man Sam Gilliland Death Head have been on the rise over the last year or so and for good reason. Sure the band has managed to book a few shows throughout the UK in this time but the thing that has everyone talking is what the band is doing in the studio. Last year Death Head released a brand spankin’ new track, Terminator, that had everyone talking. The track featured (or should I say features?) everything a thrasher could ever want in a great thrash tune including killer vocals, some badass riffing designed for optimum head banging and not to mention a mind blowing solo. In fact I would go as far as saying tracks like Terminator are the reason we all thrash! 
Are you starting to see why I’ve been keeping such a close eye on Death Head now? Good. Even better is the fact all my internet stalking has paid off! Just yesterday the mighty Death Head unleashed not one but two brand new tracks via their official ReverbNation page! Calamity From The Skies and Dialogue Of The Dead are exactly what fans of Death Head were expecting and are exactly what people who have never heard of the band need in their life. Once again great vocals, insane riffs and mind blowing solos make Death Head the band to be listening to right now! So be sure to stream the new tracks in the player below and don’t forget to check the band out on Facebook at this location! 

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