The UK thrash scene has always been a bit overlooked in my opinion. Onslaught, Slammer, Acid Reign, Hydra Vein and Xentrix have always been some of my favorite bands to thrash myself senseless too and over the last few years this tiny island in the Atlantic has produced more thrash bands then one could possibly count. The best part is a majority of them kick-ass! Bludvera, Desolator, Shrapnel, Mutagenocide and ParaBellum are just a few shining examples of up and coming thrash bands from the UK and as of right now I’m officially adding Septic Fatality to this list!

Septic Fatality

Formed by guitarist Niall Roberts back in 2008 Septic Fatality has experienced its fair share of line-up changes throughout the years. However after many trials and tribulations the boys from Yorkshire finally established a steady line-up and released their debut EP “Into The Tomb” just last year.

To be honest I didn’t believe it when I learned Into The Tomb was Septic Fatality’s debut release and to tell you the truth I still don’t. Into The Tomb features three tracks of high quality thrash metal performed by a group of high caliber musicians who have perfected their craft to the point they sound like seasoned vets. Mixing old-school thrash with modern influences Septic Fatality have created a sound that is familiar yet surprisingly fresh.

Stereotypical elitist can shove off because Septic Fatality know how to thrash. Into The Tomb features plenty of infectious riffs that will have you banging your head in no time and the albums high speed shred will melt your face clean off. To say Septic Fatality are on to something would be a gross understatement. Simply put – this stuff rules!

Check the band out at their official website and on Facebook and don’t forget to get your hands on Into The Tomb at this location! 

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