ATOMINATED Are Awesome!!

For the last several weeks a band by the name Atominated has been popping up everywhere I look. So like any other person with an unquestionable thirst for all things thrash I decided to check them out!

Hailing from Ireland this four piece started out under the name “Akraga” but soon changed it to Atominated soon after forming. With a new name the boys from Dublin quickly got to work by releasing their home recorded debut EP – World Without Flesh. Soon after unleashing their debut release Atominated began to rise in popularity and in perhaps the most unexpected move ever the band hit the studio to re-record their popular album.

“We don’t care if we don’t get paid, or don’t please everybody, we just love what we do, and hope to never stop” says the band on their official Facebook page.

Let me just go on record and say there is a lot to love about Atominated other than their fiery passion and extreme dedication. Just about every fan of the thrash metal genre (or just killer metal in general) should find something enjoyable in Atominated. 

Strap yourself in because World Without Flesh is a four track thrill ride that features plenty of intense vocals, blistering drums, bad ass shredding and enough headbanging riffs to leave even the most seasoned of thrashers holding their neck in pain. Atominated’s debut release is the perfect example an album that is short, sweet and straight to the point but provides endless hours of listening pleasure. Simply put World Without Flesh is a promising debut from a group of passionate thrashers who just love thrashing. Although still early on in their career I think it’s safe to say if Atominated keep heading down this path they’re going to be thrashing their way into our hearts for a long time to come!

A release date for World Without Flesh has yet to be announced so be sure to check the band out on Facebook to stay up to date on all things Atominated!

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